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8 advantages! of women and being investors


In the world of investing, friends You may have seen that most successful and famous investors are men. For example, Warren Buffett, George Soros and many others. But do you know that actually, according to research, Women have better investment abilities than men, in addition to careers and aptitudes such as nursing, teachers, or various social work. that most often are women Career: Trader or investor Women can do it. Plus it's done well.

From the survey results it was found that An overview of men who are investors There is quite a lot of volatility in investing or there is a lot of buying and selling. which has low tolerance Because with the hope of making a quick profit with short-term trading or the desire to get a better cost. This is partly because male investors tend to look at the performance that the asset can do. Therefore causing a lot of Take Action to respond according to the market.

On the other hand , the survey results indicate that Women tend to be more patient when investing. It is not in the form of short-term buying-selling. This will result in most women choosing to invest long-term in assets that they have studied and are more confident in investing.

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Today we will take a look at 8 advantages that make women better traders than men.

1. Women aren't afraid to say "I don't know."

Women tend to be more willing to ask questions or admit things they don't know or understand than men. For the most part, people like to appear as if they know everything and don't like being thought of as ignorant. Often do not learn or grow as they should Which is the advantage of women who are confident in daring to say they don't know this. It will be a path for us to learn many answers, giving us the ability to search for information and research things online or even attend seminars and events to talk with people who are experts in the topic. Also interested This can be called a good learning tool for women to have with them.

2. Women are willing to ask for help.

From one point, it can be seen that women are more courageous and willing to ask for help from others than men. Of course, we will see that most of them Men tend to do things. This was achieved by trying to avoid asking for help. Because they think they have to be masculine. But on the contrary Women are more likely to trust their instincts and reach out for help if they know it's too much for them to do. This doesn't mean that women are afraid to try new things, but we know when we need to face a problem and get the right help. And when looking at it from an investment perspective It is important that we ask for help when we need it. This will help avoid beginner mistakes. Or even prevent minor problems from spreading into bigger problems.

3. Women will hunt for bargains.

Girls' bargaining experiences Whether it's from shopping for clothes or anything else. We ladies know how to make a deal. This is considered an important skill for investing that many people use. People may not think about it. Because it will make us focus on things. That price is lower than the price at that time and can decide to buy at the right time. Therefore, learning about what we will invest in will allow us to pick a good place to buy. Know the time when you should make an investment decision.

4. Women always do their homework.

Women spend more time researching information about investing. and will face fewer risks than men That doesn't mean they're risk-averse. But women are more likely than men to take appropriate levels of risk for investing. This will help make investment results better.

5. Women are risk aware – not risk averse.

By nature Women investors tend to invest in assets that have low risk but provide long-term returns. Because women are used to investing when they feel comfortable with that investment. But on the contrary Male investors tend to invest more easily than women. and invest in assets with higher risk Because it is expected that high risks are often followed by high returns as well, and from point 4 that women will be more aware of appropriate risks than men. This means that, in fact, most women's habits when investing in anything they know are riskier and unfamiliar. They tend to study it more carefully than usual before investing money. Especially for people who didn't like investing in the first place. There will be extra caution and research. This will make us more successful and get a good experience in investing. They will decide in the end even if it takes time. But it will not be giving up or retreating.

6. Women have smaller egos than men.

In general, We will see that with human nature Men tend to have bigger egos. Women, on the other hand, have less ego. Especially regarding investment And of course this is consistent with the first point. What we talked about When women have little ego Make him not afraid to say he doesn't know or ask for advice. Plus, women are more likely to ask questions until they fully understand the information. and are often interested in the goal of making money Even more than impressing the people around you.

7. Women are more caring.

When it comes to investing, women tend to be very nurturing about their investments. Will do everything as carefully as possible. Plus, this is also partly related to building good relationships with other investors. This gives a good opportunity to receive information, news, techniques, and even advice from other people. Let us apply it to creating investment portfolios as well.

8. Women learn well from other women.

We are often accustomed to sharing information with our female friends on many matters, whether it be new trends, news, or sharing investment tips with each other. Which is considered a very good thing. Makes us learn many things You can get infinitely more if you girls or anyone who has friends who like to invest as well. We can talk together. It will be even more enjoyable. It can be said that women support each other extremely well. Plus, the other party can also listen to each other well.

Here are 8 advantages of women. that when applied to investment It also produces good results.

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