Terms of Service

Welcome to www.wacoal.co.th (“Website”) under the management of Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited . Either in whole, in part, or just for a while, continuously. The company assumes that you have read these terms and conditions. and you accept this agreement in all respects If you do not agree with this agreement Including the new amended agreement You can immediately stop using this website.

general agreement

  • The company reserves the right to amend, modify, change or cancel the terms and conditions. Including other terms on the website without prior notice.
  • these terms Considered as a contract for the purchase of goods and/or products. and/or services between the company and you customer Based on the details shown in this agreement. If the agreement between the company and you conflict or different from this Agreement The company and you agree to adhere to this agreement.
  • when you access this website The company assumes that you agree to allow the company to manage your information. When you will be registering for membership and purchasing products, fill out contact information for delivery.
  • The company reserves the right to consider selling products to customers who are distributors or wholesalers.
  • making an order and/or rejection and/or product cancellation Considered to be done by you and you shall be bound by such orders in all respects
  • Certain services and features are related to membership registration or registration for additional information. may appear on the website You are required to agree to provide accurate and up-to-date information at all times. and as soon as such information is updated If any changes are made, all website users are responsible for keeping their passwords and identifying other secure accounts. The account holder is responsible for all actions that occur under such password or account
  • in case you cannot remember your password or account The company will not be responsible either directly or indirectly. in any loss or damage incurred as a result of, or in connection with, any failure by you to comply with this section. In the event that the service user knows that someone else uses the account name and password of the service user to use Without the user's consent for any purpose The service user must notify the company immediately. in order for the company to cancel the purchase of goods/services or any transaction arising from such action You can notify via Call Center number 02-296-9979 or email to wacoalonline@wacoal.co.th or Line@: @wacoal.th immediately

intellectual property

  • This website contains various contents including text, information, pictures and sounds, photographs, video clips, website layout. product text Other Articles appearing on this website including other sales channels and trade marks held by the company It is a registered copyright of the company. protected by intellectual property laws by copyright and intellectual property All materials contained in this website are the property of the Company. Permission from those rights holders may be used as part of This website can
  • trademark trade name, logo, symbol, slogan, know-how, information, trade secret both registered and unregistered or may have the right to be registered including other property rights that the company uses or develops are all under protection of relevant intellectual property laws and other laws under the Kingdom of Thailand
  • The Company has the right or authority to control the use of such content, prohibiting reproduction, modification, storage, transfer, copying, public distribution. or take any action which infringes copyrights or intellectual property rights without the Company's prior written consent;

price and product details 

  • The company tries to show prices. that appear on the website as accurately and precisely as possible If a price error is found Which you have ordered, the company will inform you as soon as possible.
  • The company tries to provide product descriptions, product information, photos of the product. that appear in the catalog or description on the website To be as accurate and precise as possible as far as possible You acknowledge and agree that Access may be subject to data discrepancies. If you are dissatisfied or find that the product description does not match the actual product You can proceed to receive after-sales service. To request a refund or replacement of a new product in accordance with the company's product return policy.
  • Pictures and information of all products displayed on this website. It is displayed as it is. and only used for the purpose of showing customers the product characteristics. Size, quality , height and color of the actual product may differ from that shown on the website.
  • price of goods in each period May be changed according to the company's sales promotions. The company reserves the right to change prices. without prior notice
  • any price changes will not affect the order that the company has already confirmed the order with you Including orders that the company has completely delivered the products to you.


  • The company endeavors to display information and update the availability of products. that appear on the website as accurately and precisely as possible If there is an error with the availability information of the product which you have ordered The company will inform you soon.
  • In the event that there is an error in the availability information of the goods This may cause a shortage of products or other problems that prevent the company from delivering products. You and the company have the right to cancel that order. If your order is canceled But you have already made the payment, the company will process the refund according to the company's refund policy.

Online order management 

  • When you have completed the purchase of products as specified on the website. Such purchase orders shall be regarded only as the client's tender offer. The company has no obligation to provide products to you. until the company has agreed or accept customer orders
  • Products displayed on the website If the product is out of stock from time to time or no product The company reserves the right to offer other products of similar value and type instead. or keep your order until the product you ordered is available in our stock.

canceling an order

  • The Company may cancel the Customer's order. If it appears that the product is not available or stop production or any other reason which causes the company to be unable to accept orders from you The company will notify you of such problems. to make a refund or continue to provide other products as a replacement
  • The Company has the right to refuse or cancel orders from you. In the event that an order is canceled without your fault, the company reserves the right to compensate in the form of a refund. or ordered products or other products of the company only
  • The company reserves the right to cancel the order immediately. If checking found It is a trade that does not comply with the conditions set by the company or is a commercial contractor.
  • If your order is canceled You will receive a notification about the cancellation of that order via email or contact via telephone.

How do I cancel an order?

  • In the event that you have not yet paid for the product You can make a call to inform the Call Center number 02-296-9979 or email to wacoalonline@wacoal.co.th or Line@: @wacoal.th to notify the cancellation of the order. The listing will be canceled immediately.
  • In the event that you have already made the payment Both payment via credit card or cash payment Please make a phone call via Call Center number 02-296-9979 or email to wacoalonline@wacoal.co.th or Line@: @wacoal.th where the staff will check the delivery status. If the product has not yet been delivered The delivery will be canceled and a refund will be made. According to the form of payment within 15-30 working days
  • In the event that you do not have a phone call requesting to cancel the order but want to cancel the order when the product is delivered to you from the transportation company staff The company reserves the right to consider canceling the receipt of the product as appropriate. And from the consideration of the staff of the customer service department
  • If considering that Able to accept product cancellation The company will proceed to refund the product price to you. by product list and according to the form of payment There is a return period of 15-30 working days.


  • You can pay for products via credit card, debit card, bank payment. In which you must pay for the product according to the amount of money in full. and corresponds to the product code information displayed on the website
  • If you do not pay within the specified 3 days, the system will automatically cancel your order immediately. or incomplete The company reserves the right to cancel your order.

Return / Refund Policy

Wacoal creates the highest satisfaction for customers in the event that the product does not fit properly or the style is not satisfactory. You can exchange products with Wacoal.

The customer will return Wacoal products. with the following conditions

  • must not be unpacked Product code and price tags, underwear care instructions attached to underwear
  • Underwear must be in its original, unwashed condition. There is no stain caused by trying on the product. for hygiene All kinds of worn products do not accept returns.
  • The product to be exchanged must be of the same price as the product to be exchanged.
  • Returns must not be more than 1 time and not more than 20 days from the payment date.
  • The customer must inform the registration number to send the product back to Wacoal. to confirm the return of the product to Wacoal

In case of change/return before receiving Wacoal products

  • The customer must cancel the original order that the customer wants to change online ordering information such as size , color , phone number , delivery address, etc.
  • The customer places an order in a new purchase order. according to the online ordering information that customers want

How to refund

  • The company is ready to refund money to you. If it is proved that the damage occurred before the delivery of the goods The refund will depend on the model. Your payment that has been made to order products.
  • Regardless of the customer's payment method, the company will request a refund by transferring money to the customer's savings account within 7 business days from the date the company have checked and confirm the return of the product The customer's account number must be the same as the purchaser.
    Customers can contact us at
    Tel : 02-296-9979
    Email : wacoalonline@wacoal.co.th
    Line@ : @wacoal.th


  • Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited will deliver products to customers. Through the Kerry Express delivery service of Kerry Express (Thailand) Company Limited, free of charge. The delivery time is 2-3 days for Bangkok and its vicinity, 3-5 days for other provinces.
  • shipping Sometimes it may be affected by delays due to force majeure, whether from natural disasters or political impacts. This results in a delay in delivery of more than 5 business days. The company will try to coordinate with the shipping company. To solve the problem for you to receive the product as soon as possible.


  • The Company shall not be liable for any damages including losses, damages or expenses arising directly or indirectly. specifically Accidental or consequential caused by your access to this website or websites linked to this website or that any person In addition, the Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense caused by any failure to use, error, omission, interruption, defect, incompleteness. computer virus even though the company The Company will be notified that loss may be incurred. such damages or expenses

Governing Law

  • Using the services of this website or interpretation of the terms and conditions for using this website The law of Thailand shall be governed by any disputes related to these terms and conditions. Must be governed by the laws enforced in the Kingdom of Thailand. and falls under the jurisdiction of the Thai courts only

Service registration

  • You can register to be a user of the ordering service at the website. www.wacoal.co.th and agree to provide correct detailed information. match with reality whole contact list place of contact telephone number For the benefit of the trading process between the company and you. website member
  • If there are any changes You agree to notify the Company of such changes immediately. By notifying the amendment on the website or contacting the staff and notifying the company.
  • You agree to keep your password for accessing the website confidential. Do not disclose to anyone. Access to the website through your account and password and you certify that it is your own action
  • If you wish to cancel your registration with the company Please request to cancel the registration. It shall be effective when the Company has accepted the cancellation offer. By notifying back via your email already.
  • The Company reserves the right not to cancel the Customer's registration and/or order and/or service.
  • Cancellation of your registration has no effect on the terms and conditions for purchasing products or receiving services already made. and/or ordering products or receiving services that are continuous purchases

contact customer service

  • If you encounter problems accessing the website need help with services and products Including if you have complaints, suggestions or suggestions to the company. You can contact and talk via Call Center number 02-296-9979 or email to wacoalonline@wacoal.co.th or Line@: @wacoal.th The staff will speed up to provide assistance, service, listening and facilitating you as best as possible.