Shipping Policy

Shipping Terms

1. The company delivers the product only after checking that the customer has confirmed the order and informed the payment.

2 .Customers can contact the company on business days and hours. (Service every day) from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m., when customers ask for information The staff will answer questions on the next day of the scheduled date.

3. The company delivers products for Bangkok and its vicinity 2-3 days, for other provinces 3-5 working days after the customer has paid.

4 .The company delivers products for free within Thailand only via Kerry Express service of Kerry Express (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Responsibility for delivery of goods

1 .In the event that there is a problem in delivery management due to the error of the company and the customer has been notified by the company within the time specified in the conditions The company is willing to take responsibility for new delivery to customers.

2 .In the event that the company Unable to ship or delay delivery due to force majeure that is beyond the control of the company, such as natural disasters. Unrest due to terrorism or rallies strike Accidents that are beyond normal control, etc., the company has the right to delay delivery or cancel delivery and take any action at all. It may not be able to notify customers over time. And the company will not be responsible for problems and effects from delivery caused by force majeure above. We would like to ask for forgiveness and understanding from all customers here.


Order cancellation notice

If the customer wants to cancel the order You can cancel via the system on the website where you ordered products or contact us at Call Center 02-296-9979 or email to wacoalonline@wacoal.co.th or Line@: @wacoal.th where the customer must notify before the company delivers the goods.

Conditions for canceling an order

1. The customer can cancel the order transaction. in case the product has not been shipped out only

2. To cancel an order In case the customer has already transferred the money The company will process the money back to the customer as soon as possible.

3. To refund the product The company will transfer the money back to the account of the purchaser only.