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A deeper dive into the survey of women on finance and crypto by Coinbase.


Today we're taking a look at the results of a survey and analysis on women's thoughts on the world of finance. The role of technology in the world and the current financial system as reported from Coinbase.

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From the survey results it was found that University-educated women are becoming more interested in learning more about crypto as they understand how the technology can impact financial empowerment. This makes it clear that Creating technology that is trending today is important to girls. It's very much. According to the results, Coinbase surveyed 6,036 people aged 18 and over living in the UK and US. We can see that

  • Over 82% of women of all ages and education levels in America and the UK, compared to 65% of men, think that financial independence for women is very important.
  • Nearly a third of university-educated women do not think they have equal access to the financial system in their country.
  • The majority of survey respondents believe technology will definitely dominate finance in the next 10 years, and 93% of university-educated women believe this is more true than just a fad.
  • Three in five university-educated women believe technology's influence on finances will be a positive thing.
  • From what many women More and more people in England and America are learning about crypto. Their interest in technology has increased significantly, with 39% of Millennial women (ages 27-42) saying they would be more interested in crypto. If they know that it can help make the subject of finances more accessible.

In many places around the world, gender bias is the norm. and restrictive laws and regulations hinder women's ability to establish bank accounts, get loans, own land. or even start your own business

“Unequal access to finance means Unequal access to good opportunities.”

Women often do not have the same access to financial services as men. This is a gap in economic participation and opportunities. This can be seen from their participation in the labor force. Compensation for work And progressive opportunities show that 41.9% of gaps in control of financial assets and time spent on unpaid work continue to cause economic disparities between men and women [Global Gender Gap Report Report]

Finance and freedom

“We live in a modern era where money flows very smoothly. Money is exchanged for information. for education for entertainment for quick and seamless expression Until it becomes more and more necessary. that people will have access to financial resources Financial empowerment is an important part of the blockchain community, the crypto community,” said Olivia Wang, head of US-based ZhenFund, China's largest early-stage fund. It was founded in collaboration with Sequoia China. Olivia also said that Blockchain and crypto will facilitate a new wave of commerce. and having a group with mothers, leaders, sisters That wife is halfway around the world. This is considered to be a message that women are very involved with technology.

How can crypto help access to finance?

Technology and crypto lower the barriers to entry. Make financial services accessible to everyone Because of crypto Everyone does not need to seek approval from a third party or middleman at all. No passport required No obligation of living on different sides of the world. Just have the internet and you can go into your own wallet and go to your own address. and transfer money or receive money from anyone around the world.

In a country where access to bank accounts is restricted to males only, whether legal or cultural Access to technology can make or break a woman's ability to take control of her life and opportunities, according to Ire Aderinokun, co-founder of a Nigerian exchange. It can be seen from her experience that Even though nowadays Women will now have access to bank accounts. But it was also noted that Even in places where women are legally allowed to have bank accounts. But cultural norms still prevent women from controlling their own money. This makes digital assets have a strong influence on women. Especially in a country like Nigeria. Because it helps them to become financially independent. In fact, in general, in Nigeria Men are expected to be in control of the finances in the home. Even if the woman in the house really has a job Women often have to leave their money to men instead of taking care of their own money. And the important thing is Men are the ones who decide how to spend money on various things. This causes an imbalance of financial power. Men apparently have more control over their finances. The introduction of crypto allows people to expand their freedom in using their assets.

From the results of this survey We can conclude that in this era where technology is so important and has such an influence on finance. It's not just men who see the importance and interest in these matters. But many women and more and more I turned my attention and studied blockchain, crypto, and finance a lot more. It can be seen that many People see more freedom in accessing finance. and have full control over their own assets

Reference: https://www.coinbase.com/learn/community/women-and-crypto

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