wacoal NFT

My Turn


Now Wacoal, we play bigger and better than before! Because we've had a big change. Moving into the NFT and Blockchain industry!

wacoal NFT

I have to say first that this year Wacoal still won the number 1 most popular brand award in 2021 - 2022 in the underwear category for all ages, all sizes, all cups for the 11th consecutive year. And this time we I'm not here to play, because Wacoal itself has the opportunity to step into the field of Blockchain technology, which is considered a big and very important step for Wacoal because we, as people in the women's underwear industry, Has risen to expand the brand into the world of cutting-edge technology to another level with blockchain technology, which many people are probably already familiar with.

Wacoal wants to create a new image. on new trends such as NFT, the Metaverse world, and Web 3.0 that are the era of technology Post-Internet Or is it a new form of evolution of the internet? To create an icon that is different from the original brand. and to communicate clearly about technology and being a leader in this area Women can start too. Which is different from before that No matter what new technology come to be known Men are always the first to set trends. As we can see

This time is therefore an important step for us. to show that We women can also change and become leaders in Blockchain technology and new trends. that will happen on this technology in the future and to always adapt to modern women Definitely won't stop at the same place. And this is the origin of the phrase "My Turn - Turn on the Confidence" which is the concept of our NFT project.

We are ready to push the spotlight on the Blockchain world in the areas of NFT, Metaverse, and Web 3.0 with a unique, cutting-edge, and unique image and design in the new version of Waco. Come give confidence in every dimension to women and a wide variety of alternative genders. I must say that this is considered a great revolution in the bra industry at the national level! I really didn't come to play.

NFTs in Wacoal's style

Many people may have heard the word NFT often but haven't been able to picture it. Are you wondering what this thing is? Today we will tell you about this NFT, an abbreviation for Non-Fungible Token. It is a type of digital asset that has unique characteristics. It's an asset. “Unique” cannot be substituted. It is created by a unique code based on blockchain technology. It became more popular in 2020 to buy and sell digital art. Nowadays, NFTs are being used in many industries. Whether it is in the world of art, paintings, graphics, game items, videos, music, or even being used for various product brands. To adjust the marketing model as well, NFT is a token that people can easily trade. For the purpose of speculative investment or for collecting various works of art.

Personal NFT in Wacoal style, this special collection We have arranged it to have a design that is chic, beautiful, modern in our own way that is definitely unique. Including 5 different characters. To present and represent women with various looks, and of course, the specialty of this Wacoal NFT will be there. The fact that these various characters will wear Wacoal bras Mixed with modern fashion in different ways according to each look. To strengthen everyone's confidence and be themselves as well. I told you that this time is not normal. We're definitely on the cutting edge.

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