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NFT “ECO” Wacoal's special eco-friendly character!

Today we will take everyone to take a deeper look. Get to know the origins of NFT Eco, Waco's special eco-friendly character!

wacoal NFT

From what we've introduced this NFT character for everyone to get to know. It can be seen that this girl has a very outstanding character. Have a chill lifestyle Likes to dress simply and comfortably, has confidence, likes adventures and travels to different lands. like a traveler Plus he is a person who loves freedom. And likes to go out and experience new things the most. Today we will take everyone to see the origins of the Eco character and open up the perspective of Wacoal's environmental campaigns.

This Eco character is a special character look that we want to focus on underwear that is environmentally friendly. To be a part of helping campaign and conserve the environment to be more sustainable and livable, Eco fashion is considered one of the looks that are continuously trending. It is also a sustainable lifestyle. Make people pay more attention to each other.

At Wacoal, we have picked up the Eco trend to please girls with green hearts and saving the world and the environment. By using raw materials that are environmentally friendly and comfortable to wear. Let's apply it to our bra. which in this special collection We will have an official launch in the near future as well. How will it be? Let's wait and follow carefully. Let me tell you, people who care about the world will definitely like this.

This is the origin of the NFT of the character Eco. It is believed that this young person will be able to present and represent the character of many girls who are nature-types very well. Don't miss out on My Turn NFT . Then come become the owner of NFT Nong Eco.

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