“วาโก้” แบรนด์ชุดชั้นในรักษ์โลก สานต่อโครงการวาโก้บราเดย์ บราเก่าเราขอ ปีที่ 12

“Wacoal”, a lingerie brand that saves the world Continuing the Wacoal Braday project, the old bra we ask for, the 12th year


“Wacoal”, a lingerie brand that saves the world Continuing the 12th year of Wacoal Braday, Old Bra We Want project, invites everyone to "throw away old bras in the right place, good for us, safe for the world"

One of the crises our world is facing is Extreme weather due to increasingly severe climate change Like the PM 2.5 dust problem , part of it is caused by the burning of waste materials in the open air. Carbon dioxide emissions cause air pollution inevitably. Wacoal invites everyone to be alert and aware of the impact. Therefore continue the Wacoal Braday Bra, Old Bra, We Request Year 12 project intensely with the mission to save the world. by accepting donations of old bras or underwear for both women and men be disposed of by burning properly in a Zero Waste way (turning waste to zero) and turning it into fuel energy. It also reduces community waste. Reduce global warming problems and reduce PM 2. 5 dust is another simple way. that everyone can do and create good awareness for the environment together

Mrs. Intira Nakskul, Marketing Director of Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited, said, “Throughout the 53 years of Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited, Wacoal has remained the leader in the lingerie business with vision. Perspectives on all aspects of social responsibility Especially the environment that gives importance and care in every process from upstream to downstream. All Wacoal products are produced through non-toxic, environmentally friendly production processes. to the process of dealing with deteriorated products or unused items for proper disposal. With the Wacoal Bra Day Old Bra project, we would like to donate old bras or underwear for both women and men. To be disposed of by burning properly because " bra " or underwear is an important item for everyone. Most of the materials are made from polymers, resulting in 1 bra taking over 400 years to decompose, and burning in the open also creates pollution and PM 2.5 dust, in collaboration with TPI Polene Power Public Company Limited. or TPIPP turns donated underwear into fuel energy. Substitute the use of stone transfer to produce electricity in a closed system. reduce the use of natural resources or energy from various fossils Reduce the impact of climate change ( Climate Change) or reduce global warming ( Global Warming).

From 2023 statistics based on populationpyramid.net It was found that the number of Thai women aged between 10 - 69 years is more than 29, 351,011 people. If it is estimated that the number of Thai women who buy new lingerie is 5-12 per year, it is expected that the discarded lingerie will occur. 2 old deteriorated per person per year, equivalent to an increase of 5,870 tons of plastic waste from old underwear per year, which is a very high number. from the aforementioned problems Wacoal therefore would like to invite everyone to be part of changing the environment and saving the world with Wacoal.

since the inception of the project “Wacoal Braday Our Old Bras" In 2012 - 2022 , Wacoal helped eliminate 720,664 worn-out bras, total weight 72,066 kilograms, or reduced community waste by more than 72 tons, replacing the use of coal energy. More than 468 tons of carbon dioxide Reduce carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to planting more than 39,036 trees

Pitchesinee Weerasutthimas or “Bogey Lion” is a very talented singer. added that “First of all, I would like to thank Wacoal for giving importance to the new generation who are more environmentally conscious. In which everyone can save the world in a variety of ways according to their own lifestyle, such as turning off the air conditioner and turning off the lights when not in use. Turn to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags or separate waste before disposing. Bo's part is someone who has a lot of clothes. Any items that are not used but are in good condition can be donated. As for old bras or underwear that are not used, they must be discarded only, don't regret it. because it is not good for our breast health Just bring all old underwear brands to donate to Wacoal for proper disposal. Just throwing it in the right place can save the world, ” Bokey concluded.

Let's join together to change the environment for good and sustainably. By bringing old bras or underwear for both women and men of all brands to donate throughout the year to the project. “Wacoal Braday Old bra, we want" at all Wacoal shops and counters nationwide. or by post to the CSR Department , Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited, 132 Soi Charoenrat 7 , Bang Khlo Subdistrict, Bang Kho Laem District, Bangkok 10120

Additional information

Wacoal is the first brand in the textile business group. That has been certified green label (Green Label) from the Thailand Environment Institute as a quality product. Completely safe and environmentally friendly in every process With sustainable development goals ( Sustainable Development Goals: SDGs) that focus on the use of raw materials and production processes according to the "BCG Model" approach, which consists of BIOECONOMY products made from renewable natural materials. Biodegradable from natural fibers such as rubber, cotton, bamboo pulp and palm oil-containing breasts. CIRCULAR ECONOMY Underwear is made from renewable materials from manufacturing waste. (Pre-Consumer) Materials that are thrown into the environment ( Post-Consumer ), such as nets in the sea, including Recycle Material GREEN ECONOMY, production processes and products that are environmentally friendly, such as Green Label / Green Industry (GI.4). / Eco Factory etc.

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