วาโก้ย้ำชัด “บรารักษ์โลกไม่ใช่แค่คอลเลกชัน” ล่าสุดส่งแคมเปญ Love Earth   ดึง “โบกี้ ไลอ้อน” พรีเซ็นเตอร์คนล่าสุด ตัวแทนรุ่นใหม่ร่วมภารกิจครั้งสำคัญ

Wacoal clearly emphasizes that “Earth-saving bras are not just collections”, recently launching the Love Earth campaign, inviting "Bogey Lion", the latest presenter. The new generation of agents joins in an important mission.


environmental problems that the world is experiencing today Causing everyone to realize and take responsibility for society and the environment for a sustainable improvement Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited continues to operate its business with a vision of social responsibility in all aspects. especially in the serious environment All Wacoal products are produced through non-toxic, environmentally friendly production processes. and made from natural or recycled materials. to the process of dealing with deteriorated or unused products and disposing of them properly Through various campaigns continuously, in 2023 , Wacoal launched the big campaign of the year. Love Earth Collection under the concept of # World Saving Bra

Mrs. Intira Naksakul, Marketing Director, said, Wacoal Love Earth is considered the biggest campaign of the year that emphasizes the concept NOT A COLLECTION. IT'S OUR MISSION . It is a mission of sustainable environmental responsibility. Wacoal Love Earth consists of various collections such as Wacoal Mood, matching underwear The new generation, student groups, Wacoal Missy students , working groups, Wacoal Curve Diva for large cup groups, large sizes, including head bras. Slimming pants and pajamas, etc. The products are used. Raw materials and production processes follow the "BCG Model" approach , which consists of BIOECONOMY , products made from renewable natural materials. Biodegradable from natural fibers such as rubber, cotton and palm oil-containing breasts, CIRCULAR ECONOMY underwear made from renewable materials from waste in the production process. (Pre-Consumer) Materials that are thrown into the environment ( Post-Consumer ) such as nets in the sea, including recycled materials, GREEN ECONOMY production processes and environmentally friendly products such as Green Label / Green Industry (GI.4 ) / Eco Factory, etc. by every Wacoal product through an environmentally friendly production process And is the first brand in the textile business group to receive the Green Label certification from the Thai Environment Institute as a quality product. safe from toxins Environmentally friendly in every process by the Love Earth collection, Wacoal has worked with Pitchsinee Weerasutthimas or "Bogey Lion", known as a charming person with both singing and singing. being a fashionista Including having a beautiful personality Everything that is bogeys meets Wacoal's needs very much. Because we want to find talented idols to represent the new generation. It is expected to be the best-selling collection in the middle of the year. because of the behavior of customers today tend to decide to buy products that are environmentally conscious Including changing the lifestyle of consumers who are more socially responsible. It also uses communication that is easy to understand and not complicated. Functionality and comfortable design wear every opportunity It is a collection that should be in the closet,” Intira concluded.

Love Earth Collection is communicated through a commercial film titled Wacoal Love Earth # Earth Conservation Bra, conveying stories through women of various ages with Bogey Lion representing the new generation. And there are also representatives of the LGBTQ group to join as a voice for everyone to dare to open up. that it's time for everyone to seriously care about the environment by sticking to #save the world and another simple way is choosing to use products that save the world

Wacoal is an eco-friendly product emphasizing the Eco Friendly Product concept, innovative underwear that is environmentally friendly. You can watch commercials via www.facebook.com/wacoal.th or click https://fb.watch/k0JMNDYyb0/ including YouTube, Website, Twitter: Wacoal Thailand and Out of Home media, LED billboard format in Bangkok and other provinces across the country. Cinema media, including electric tuk-tuk Move Me (MuvMi), a ride-hailing service via Mobile Application in urban areas and teenagers which is Wacoal's main target group

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