Wacoal supports Thai runners


Wacoal supports Thai runners Enter the full marathon that the world has been waiting for “KYOTO MARATHON 2023” sponsored by WACOAL & CW-X in Kyoto, Japan, the birthplace of WACOAL and CW-X brands.

Wacoal is a manufacturer Import and distribute WACOAL and CW-X products (CW X), the most innovative exercise wear that is accepted worldwide. Has sponsored the "KYOTO MARATHON 2023" marathon event for the 7th consecutive year on Sunday, February 19, 2023, to provide opportunities for Thai runners to participate in world-class marathon competitions. Conquering new challenges, new interesting routes and proudly conveying experiences.

An essential highlight of a visit to Kyoto. Japan Is to visit and experience the innovation of the No. 1 underwear brand Wacoal in Japan and is recognized worldwide at Wacoal Corporation. Including visiting the Museum of Beauty , a museum that shows the evolution of Japanese Wacoal. from the first generation to the present And has been continuously developed in terms of styles, materials used and technology in production. Nowadays, underwear is not only for women. Men's underwear is also available. and underwear for exercise or especially for athletes

In addition to the lucky runners participating in this event There are also Thai artists participating, such as Tao - Somchai Khemklad , Meiji - Anoma Cook , Dear - Lily McGrath , Fight Yot Chongjam (Pok ZEAL ) , etc., including Content Creator such as Prat Pong. Chai (Pex ZEAL ) , Panuphat Sukanyarak (Bas Go Went Go ), Natakorn Jaengfast (Saratam - thumbntk ), etc. to join in presenting interesting stories of the event, including art. Culture and way of life of Kyoto people in many aspects that many people may not know.

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