วาโก้ชวนทิ้งบราเก่าถูกที่ ดีต่อเรา รักษ์ต่อโลก กับโครงการ วาโก้บราเดย์ บราเก่าเราขอ ปีที่ 12

Wacoal invites you to dispose of old bras at the right place, good for us, and conservative for the world, with the Wacoal Day Bra, Old Bra We Want Project, Year 12.


Mr. Boondee Amnuayskul ( 5th from left), Executive Chairman and Managing Director along with Miss Sirikul Dhanasarnsilp (5th from right), Advisor to the Executive Committee and Mr. Takuya Miura (4th from right), Deputy Managing Director of Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited jointly announced mission to save the world By accepting donations of old bras or underwear, both women and men, in the Wacoal Bra Day project, the 12th year of old bras we ask for

The management team and nearly 3,000 employees participated in donating old underwear. The project will be eliminated by burning properly in a Zero Waste method (changing waste to zero), transforming it into fuel energy, reducing community waste, reducing global warming, and reducing PM 2. 5 dust. organization to become a strong culture in all aspects, held at Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited, Rama 3 Road, Soi 23 recently.

Ready to invite everyone to change the world for the better. by donating old underwear At Wacoal Shops and Wacoal Counters nationwide or by post sent to the CSR Department of Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited.

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