วาโก้สานฝันนักวิ่งไทย สู้ศึกงานวิ่งที่ทั่วโลกรอคอย Kyoto Marathon 2023 Supported by WACOAL & CW-X ทั้งเหล่านักวิ่งขาแรง ศิลปินและอินฟลูฯ เข้าร่วมคับคั่ง

Wacoal fulfills the dreams of Thai runners Fight the running battle that the world has been waiting for, Kyoto Marathon 2023, sponsored by WACOAL & CW-X, both strong runners. Artists and influencers crowded to participate


            Back again after 2 years of absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the big boss – Thammarat Chokwatana, Director of Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited, is back fitter than ever by carrying an army of lucky runners. More than 15 people from all over the country participated in the great marathon battle, Kyoto Marathon 2023 Supported by WACOAL & CW - X, a full marathon field that runners around the world have been waiting for.

It also opens up new experiences for runner artists. and famous influencers to experience the city of Kyoto Japan The birthplace of WACOAL and CW-X brands by visiting and experiencing the innovation of Japan's No. 1 underwear brand Wacoal at Wacoal Corporation. Japan, such as Tao - Somchai Kemglad , Meiji - Anoma Cook , Dear - Lily McGrath , Toey Jongjam ( Pok ZEAL), Prat Pongchai ( Pex ZEAL), Panuphat Sukanyarak ( Bas Go Went Go) , Natakorn Chaengraew ( Saratum- thumbntk ) and lucky runners, etc. This time, the big boss joins in cheering on the edge of the field. to encourage Thai runners to run to the finish line in good time

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