“สามย่านมิตรทาวน์” ร่วมกับ “วาโก้”ชวนจิตอาสาร่วมตกแต่งหมวกสวยใจสวย

“Samyan Mitrtown” joins forces with “Wacoal” inviting volunteers to decorate beautiful hats


Under the project " Wacoal Pink Ribbon Fight for" to pass on and encourage patients across the country.

Ms. Jaruwan Ngapanichwat (middle), followed by marketing and relationship business. Samyan Mitrtown Shopping Center brought Mrs. Inthira Naksakul (far left), don't forget the Marketing Department and Mrs. Pornthip Charoenchok (far left), Marketing Assistant of Thai Wacoal Co., Ltd. (just in case) to join the opening. "Beautiful Hats, Beautiful Minds" activity according to Wacoal Pink Bow Project. Let volunteers join in decorating. Hats for difficult cancer patients who do not need to be taken care of by the National Cancer Institute and regional cancer hospitals across the country, with beautiful hats, beautiful hearts, set to be scheduled from 1 – 16 October 2022 at the mud . 3rd floor, Samyan Mitrtown Shopping Center

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