WACOAL MOOD: DO IT YOUR MOOD “Fun ทุก Mood...กู๊ดทุกฟิลลลล”

WACOAL MOOD: DO IT YOUR MOOD “Fun Every Mood...Good Every Feeling”



new colorful collection Comfortable to wear. And enjoy Mix & Match from Insight , the new generation. Pour your heart into underwear that "Fun every mood ... good every feeling "

Wacoal, the number 1 popular underwear brand for everyone of all ages, sizes, and cups, is guaranteed by the Marketeer No.1 Brand Thailand 2011-2022 in the Underwear category for the 11th consecutive year by Wacoal Mood. New slope at the end of the year To stimulate sales and create fun colors of underwear fashion. Catching the target group of new generations, students, students, with forms and functions derived from the survey results of consumer needs that are more than 1,000 target groups .

Mrs. Intira Naksakul, Marketing Director of Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited said, “Wacoal never stops studying. Continuous product research and development until being a leader in the lingerie business for 52 years, with the last quarter of the year '65 being the right time for both the COVID situation to improve and near the end of the year celebrations So I want to start good things With underwear WACOAL MOOD: DO IT YOUR MOOD concept "Fun Every Mood ... Good Every Feel ", which Wacoal collection has surveyed the needs of more than 1,000 students . So it's a comfortable underwear. Mix and match with any outfit, it's fun to dress up no matter what. Because no matter what gender you are, what style you are, everyone is beautiful, confident, living the right life in their own way. WACOAL MOOD: DO IT YOUR MOOD underwear has quite a variety of styles and colors . Focus on having fun with dressing up. Giving a feeling of freedom the way you want to be. According to the concept "Fun in every Mood ... Good in every fill " , therefore wanting to invite girls Get out of the box to create a fun space and let Waco Mood be your go-to item with your best outfit.

Lingerie that is not only beautiful does not have to be “comfortable” as well. The key that makes Wacoal remain #1 in the minds of consumers isproduct quality”, even though the Wacoal Mood: Do it your mood collection has Modifying the design to make it look brighter and more fun. but still maintains the concept of 3 comfortable

  1. Feel comfortable with soft and comfortable fabric. well ventilated with Wacoal quality sewing and Know-how Japanese standard
  2. Sabaijai , product form that brings out the charm and brightness of teenagers with fun, goes with every mood, every feel, every lifestyle.
  3. Pocket -friendly , this new collection has been reduced in price so that teenagers can handle it. but still maintain the quality and standards of Wacoal products Including 360-degree communication to reach the lifestyle of the target group as much as possible.

Wacoal Mood (Wacoal Mood) in addition to the features that are comfortable to wear, modern design. There are also many styles to choose from, including back hook bras, underwired and without underwired. Smart size pullover bra, easy to choose just SML and XL , highlighting the colors and themes of the underwear that play with color schemes. By using fresh colors alternating with light colors ( Light Hue Balance ), with fresh tones such as Pink, Purple , Acid Pink, Radiant Yellow, light tones such as Light Purple Rose, Light Yellow Anise Flower, Light Blue Stratosphere , etc. These colors are combined. together is fun It is a color scheme that defines the word Don't forget to pick up WACOAL MOOD: DO IT YOUR MOOD and clothes in the closet to Mix & Match as you like to make everyday dressing more fun. It is truly a collection of underwear born from the needs of young people.

For this collection also increase sales opportunities. Target groups at the right point by collaborating with Pomelo. Shop Wacoal at Pomelo Online and try on products before making a decision ( Try & Buy) . Just click to order Wacoal products online and select a Pomelo branch near home to try on at store If you like it and yes, then pay. Or if you still don't like it, you can return the product at that branch of Pomelo, which completely meets the shopping behavior of the new generation,” Mrs. Inthira concluded.

If you like colorful underwear Easy to mix and match For ultimate comfort, don't miss Wacoal Mood: Do It Your Mood , a new collection at Wacoal Shop and participating Wacoal counters. with online channels https://shopfb.wacoal.co.th , www.facebook.com/wacoal.th , www.facebook.com/WacoalMood , Shopee, Lazada, JD central, Central Online and www.pomelofashion.com/th More at Line @wacoal.th

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