“ไทยวาโก้” จัดพบปะพันธมิตรทางธุรกิจ ร่วมมือสร้างสรรค์นวัตกรรมลดผลกระทบสิ่งแวดล้อม

“Thai Wacoal” organizes meetings with business partners Collaborate to create innovation to reduce environmental impact.


having business partners who are ready to grow and develop together with stability and sustainability It is a matter that will truly lead to sustainability. And recently, Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited has organized activities to create cooperation with business partners for sustainable development.

“In the past, the company It is committed to conducting business with a balance in 3 aspects: economy, society and environment. This is in line with the BCG Model, which is the bioeconomy. circular economy and green economy By considering the life cycle of the product ( Life Cycle Assessment ) from the development of innovation using environmentally friendly raw materials, such as using fabrics made from recycled fibers from PET bottles and fishing nets left in the sea. development of production innovation Reduce the occurrence of waste from the production process. as well as collecting back unused products want to destroy in the Wacoal Braday project to help reduce the impact on the environment It also pays attention to the safety of consumers. Wacoal is the first lingerie to be certified by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TIS) 2346-2550 from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute or the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) and the Green Label from the Thai Environment Institute. industrial alliances to jointly support the production of recycled raw materials and jointly develop products according to the BCG Model ”said Mr. Boondee Amnuayskul, Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited.

Activities to create cooperation with business partners this time. In addition to sharing sustainable business practices of each participating partner company that will see opportunities to extend and create more innovative products from recycled raw materials in the future, there will also be a special lecture on "circular economy with product development” by Dr. Pongwipa Lorsomboon, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Circular Economy Plan Capital Administration and Management Unit for National Competitiveness Enhancement (KorKhor.) to know the government's approaches that will help support the circular economy of the private sector. An exhibition on BCG Model that presents sustainable development. Exhibit products in Bio economy, Circular economy and Green economy categories , including displaying employee uniforms. Under the concept of Wacoal Love Earth , the plastic bottles used to produce employee uniforms this time taken from the project “Clear Bottle for a Beautiful World” in collaboration with Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited, a leader in the production of PET and polyester fiber products. that helped convert plastic bottles into the project into fiber that is delicate, soft, comfortable to wear, easy to dry, does not need ironing, helps reduce energy And received cooperation from Penn Asia, using the Double Knit weaving technique , the inside is a net. Well ventilated, no odor, inhibits bacteria Moreover, it uses Dry dye technique, the first and only water-free fabric dyeing innovation in Thailand. Reduce water consumption by more than 90%, helping to reduce the use of resources. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well.

Cooperation of Thai Wacoal and business partners Not only is it a business that considers reducing the impact on the environment. but also a collaboration to develop new styles under the BCG business model that will lead to the sustainability of the organization, environment and society in the future

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