LGBTQ ตลาดที่วาโก้อยากไป

LGBTQ market Wacoal wants to go


The pain point for LGBTQ people is finding a bra that suits your body shape, such as a bra that flatters your bust.

Panties that help maintain a feminine shape, enhance the hips, lift the hips, ribbed bras that tighten under the breasts and more.

The LGBTQ market, although it is a small market with only 4 million consumers in Thailand, is a market that has opportunities from expanding to new customer bases with specific pain points.

And most importantly, this market is still Blue Ocean. There are almost no competitors in Thailand.

Especially big brands are playing in the underwear market for women and men. from the visibility of the large market size that can produce and market products to reach mass consumers as much as possible

There is only an expensive pre-order lingerie market.

and a small brand of underwear specifically made for the LGBTQ community.

And that's why Wacoal is taking LGBTQ marketing seriously and communicating this line of lingerie through its name, Freedom Freedom Collection.

Originally, Wacoal cut underwear for LGBTQ people through the Body Clinic service group. Cut underwear specifically for individuals such as breast cancer patients, people with special shapes, LGBTQ and Pressure Garment for patients who need a set. with pressure for treatment

Being in the Body Clinic service group makes Wacoal unable to do mass marketing due to insufficient Awareness. This is mostly due to word-of-mouth referrals. and distribution channels that are mainly online only

The underwear that is cut out for this group of consumers is therefore not much cut at a time. And there are no collection designs to choose from.

Wacoal began to pilot the lingerie market, the Freedom collection, to reach more mass groups. and communication to create awareness of this group of underwear at the Saha Group Fair June 2022

before doing serious marketing Sold at regular Wacoal counters in mass format in 2023

and release new collections continuously From the original that there was only 1 pilot collection to market only

Along with making a more mass communication campaign through photo shoots, advertising photos and mainly communicated through online channels to directly reach consumers

As for the form of communication for the products placed in the counters, Wacoal will use the message "Freedom" on the shelves to communicate that it is lingerie for a specific target group.

Instead of labeling underwear as LGBTQ, Wacoal sees it as a general consumer who comes to shop. do not want to be clearly identified as LGBTQ

The bra that binds the chest will use the word bra for chest Because if Wacoal's strengths are not communicated, consumers may not know.

And the price is not different from women's underwear. to compete with high-priced international LGBTQ underwear

Smaller brands in Wacoal compete on quality.

However, for the LGBTQ market, even this is an opportunity for competition. But there are also challenges in terms of communication and accessibility. To create an image of this group of consumers, they look at Wacoal as a brand specifically for them. in a clear moment but not divided

As for how much sales of Wacoal Freedom will win the hearts of LGBTQ people, it remains to be seen in the future.

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