What kind of underwear should new mothers choose?


Wacoal Maternity, your best friend for each trimester And no matter what STYLE your mother is, simple, chic, chic, modern, or healthy , loving, or STYLE Perfect, Wacoal Maternity is the answer for expectant mothers. Let's see what kind of underwear for each trimester will have.

Set to prepare for pregnancy

suitable for the first trimester Choose a bra that doesn't have a wire and doesn't fit too much so that it doesn't put pressure on your breasts that are about to expand. Focus on underwear that is comfortable to wear. Well ventilated with hooks on the back

Introducing Wacoal MOMMI BRA (All in one Bra), a bra that can be worn from the beginning of pregnancy until after childbirth. structureless format Prevents compression on the chest, comfortable to wear, not uncomfortable, and also helps to ventilate, reduce stuffiness, supports size changes , can be expanded according to the pregnancy period.

As for underwear, we recommend Wacoal Maternity Body Seamlss, long-legged maternity underwear that supports the expansion of the womb as it grows according to the gestational age. Soft texture, comfortable to wear, not tight. Not uncomfortable, helping to ventilate and help lift the stomach to walk easily. Makes moms move more easily and comfortably Suitable for pregnant people before giving birth and after giving birth.

pregnant women underwear

Suitable for the second and third trimesters Should choose underwear designed specifically for pregnant women. and should be scalable to many levels but should not be too loose because it will not be able to support the chest And most importantly, choose a bra that has openings for breastfeeding. In order to be able to enter until after birth during the breastfeeding period itself.

Wacoal introduces a non-wired bra that can be worn both during pregnancy and postpartum. special soft texture For sensitive breasts, well ventilated. Outer breast fabric Tactel fabric that is soft. wide body side Help keep the meat on the side. cute printed design Perfect for modern moms. can be worn every day

And when the weight of the womb increases in the period of 4 - 9 months, mothers will have problems with inconvenient body movements. Wacoal Maternity recommends maternity support pads. that helps to hold the womb without delay There is a support pad on the back to help the expectant mother move comfortably and comfortably. Including being able to adjust the firmness level as needed

Set for mothers after giving birth

when entering the last quarter The bra that mothers must have is a breastfeeding bra especially. Since the breastfeeding bra has a convenient and quick opening and closing, there is no need to waste time breastfeeding. Including a belly band that will help tighten the abdomen to make the mother's figure return to be beautiful as before.

We have a set to know for mothers after giving birth. Let's recommend. Guarantee that you will like it for sure.

  • The bra opens for breastfeeding and pumping with ease. reinforced form Special soft frame, does not hurt, special soft fabric Decorated with lace, there is a Snap Lock , convenient to open the breast pump and breastfeeding. Helps to hold the breasts from sagging Perfect for modern moms.
  • belly band For postpartum mothers, help support the abdomen back into place faster. and keep it extra compact It is also good for relieving pain after pregnancy. Plus it helps support the movement. and adjust the body to make the mother's figure come back fit & firm again

  • Blue breastfeeding cover, soft fabric, thick, drapes well, breathable, suitable for covering breastfeeding
  • Mum multi-purpose bag There are separate storage compartments inside and outside. Helps keep things proportionate.

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