Wacoal Nightwear ใส่นอนหรือเที่ยวก็ชิคเว่อร์

Wacoal Nightwear. Wear to bed or travel. It's very chic.


Invite girls to match the special collection of pajamas from Wacoal X Fluffy Omelet to be an easy travel outfit. Many styles within the concept What kind of "Traveling the World of Dreams" will be available and what girls like? Let's go and see.

All -Day Pajamas

All-Day Pajamas, pajamas that cover the breasts. Giving you Nobra to be comfortable and comfortable by padding Sponge sheets on both sides of the shirt pocket, giving a soft feeling. but still light and comfortable like a real nobra with premium printed satin fabric Soft touch, smooth, cool, comfortable, gentle to the skin, easy to clean, no color fading

For the All-Day Pajamas model , girls can match with knitted hats , knitted bags , glasses to look stylish again. Or when going out, be confident because the pockets on both sides help cover the chest shape Different from common sleepwear , there are 3 types to choose from:

Good Night pajamas are available in 2 colors: pink and blue, with short sleeves, short legs and short sleeves, long legs.

Bedtime Story pajamas are available in 2 colors: purple and light yellow, with short sleeves, short legs and short sleeves, long legs.

Embroidered pajamas, available in 2 designs: Tea Party, a bunny in a teacup, green, and Dream about me, a baby wearing a hat, in light purple, in short sleeves and short legs.

All-Day Comfy

All-Day Comfy pajamas are a soft cotton casual set. Screen with cute, bright patterns. Wear to sleep and travel. It's satisfying. Can be matched with different types of clothes. many more looks There are 3 types to choose from:

T-shirt, shorts and dress set. Comfortable to wear all day with soft, breathable cotton fabric. It's cute to wear to sleep and travel. screen printed t-shirt pattern and elastic waist shorts and a short dress pattern screened with Mr.Teddy character in the collection. 'Traveling in the world of dreams' is so cute, you can't have it anymore.

A set of t-shirts, trousers, t-shirt style, screen-printed collar, and long pants, elastic waist, jump legs, this look is comfortable for girls to wear to bed and travel. Entering the concept of " pajama, travel set, same set ", you can be confident.

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