Item สุดชิค สายออกกำลังกายต้องมี!

A super chic item that exercise lovers must have!


now! To exercise, accessories must be ready. Today, Wacoal will introduce items. A must-have chic workout. Buy it for running in the park or playing weights in the gym, it's equally great. Let's start with the first item.

Sports bra, one of the must-have items. When choosing a sports bra, you should choose a fabric that helps heat and air well. high firmness supports all movement activities can support the chest high flexibility Keep it tight around your body. The bottom edge of the tire that holds the body must not slide off. Shoulder straps must support the weight of the breast well. Big cups must be comfortable.

Or any girls who are worried about bending over must choose a sports bra that can be tightened up to the chest. Helps to support the beautiful breast shape and gain more confidence while exercising with various functions and materials Including modern styles will add more fun to dressing up.

exercise pants Should be a tight fitting pants. Helps to move smoothly Side mesh decoration Good perspiration, quick-drying, not stuffy, high-waisted waistline to help tighten the abdomen. and increase confidence in exercise

Shoes are one item that is very important because you must choose shoes that are designed to support cushioning. and support the feet as well and should be selected to suit each type of sport, such as walking, should be shoes that can be worn every day To help with longer walking, running, suitable for shoes that support the impact of the ankle. and not too heavy

Smart watch, another chic item for fitness enthusiasts. And there are many brands to choose from. There is a function to measure heart rate, count distance, calories, see time, some models can play music. It can't be more convenient than this.

Wacoal has compiled a chic item that exercise lovers can't live without for everyone to read. To be an idea for choosing to buy chic items to use for exercise.

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