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Wacoal underwear that should be in the closet


new year start Change new underwear to make it look better than before. with various styles of underwear from Wacoal that should be in your wardrobe because this is a cool item that will help girls Can handle any situation both going out and wearing tight-fitting dresses Or arrange a group of friends to eat buffet or even on that day of the month can handle comfortably Because Wacoal has designed underwear to meet the needs of women each day, which models and styles will there be? Let's see.

When you wear bodysuits, you have to choose Wacoal Oh my nudes!

You can be confident in any outfit. Because when wearing it, the edge does not show up, smooth, smooth, like invisible, there are 4 styles to choose from.

  • SKIN is soft, smooth, close to the skin, suitable for leotards
  • Sheer, attached to the skin, light, like not wearing
  • LOW-RISE, close to the skin, concave waistline, suitable for low waist
  • THONG, close to the skin, no marks, suitable for sexy dresses

" Beautiful body, collapsed abs, can be tightened instantly, choose Secret Support , wear any outfit and be extremely confident.

Help tighten the abdomen and waist to have more curves. With a high waistline that reaches to the stomach and a Powernet mesh that tightens the figure for a slimmer look. No matter how much you eat, you won't be afraid of a bloated belly. There are 3 types to choose from.

  • If you want to wear any outfit, you can show off your S waist with confidence. Choose a S-fit with a powernet that adds firmness to the front.
  • If you want to wear any outfit, you can be confident that you won't win. Pick up U-Fit that cuts U shape and tightens the buttocks. Let's go to win. so that you can walk confidently without worrying about winning
  • Want to wear a shapely dress without belly and confident, H-fit tightens the abdomen and waist for a more curvy figure. With a high waistline that reaches to the stomach and a Powernet mesh that tightens the figure for a slimmer look.

Sleep comfortably, worry-free, not afraid of seepage, choose to wear Hygieni

Sanitary panties that girls must have to wear with sanitary napkins. Get rid of leakage problems on that day of the month. Ensuring time to rest all night to receive the brightness of the new day with protection from waterproofing membranes from the crotch to the back waistband There are both day and night.

  • During the day, you must choose Hygieni Day that prevents leakage during the day. and move confidently
  • Rest all night without fear of getting soiled with Hygieni Night , which has a waterproof sheet that extends to the waistline at the back. No matter how many times you move, you won't get dirty.

Good at losing, must choose to wear super soft

Girls who are good at allergies are not only allergic to cosmetics until their faces become rashes. But had to risk losing because of the underwear until the rash or irritation again That's why Wacoal wants to recommend to girls. Sensitive skin has been known to reduce irritation and dampness in underwear.

How are you doing with Wacoal's underwear collection? All 4 styles , 4 styles that every woman must have in their closet. also helps girls Can cope with every situation as well Don't forget to go and keep it.

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