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5 ways to get fit in shape office girl edition


This new year, I'm going to lose weight, I have to be thin, I have to have abs .

It's been a long break to celebrate the New Year. It's time for office ladies to return to work and many young women have a goal of losing weight. But don't know where to start. Wacoal has a trick to introduce the creation of an office lady figure. Sculpting the abdominal muscles to create 11 grooves to be more popular What tricks will there be? Let's go see.

find inspiration for yourself

The first thing is to find inspiration for yourself to want to build a body to be fit and firm. Because of having a good shape Beautifully chopped not easy It takes effort, time and discipline to find inspiration from your passions. Maybe look at a celebrity Celebs who like to get in shape become idols to encourage themselves to want to have a good figure. Or shopping for equipment that must be used to build a figure, such as exercise clothes and shoes, is another type of inspiration. Don't forget to find inspiration for yourself.

control the food exactly

If you want to have a good shape, have a great figure, dieting is very important, sis, because even if you use weights to sculpt a beautiful belly, or run to burn But don't control the food. Eat as you want. Eat more than you burn. I can say that no matter how I exercise, my figure will still be the same. Instead of a slit, 11 gets a bloated belly. come back instead

Women need to control 80 percent of their diet and eat nutritious foods in the right amount of calories for the body, such as eating lean chicken and vegetable salad. and exercise in conjunction with Guarantee that you will get a lean figure. There is a slit in the abdomen to show off the beautiful figure for sure.

Exercise for a bang

Want to build beautiful abs, want to have grooves 11, it takes time, weight training exercises can help. We have 6 exercises that you can do at home: Cross Crunches, Russian Twist, Third Elbow Plank, Fourth, Full Plank, Fifth, Side Plank, and Finally Crunches

Girls can click the link to see the details of each position. http://bit.ly/3X7SPql

And don't forget to choose workout clothes that meet the needs of sporty girls. Ready to fit in shape. What kind will there be? Just paste the link. http://bit.ly/3jVNRPm

Drink lots of water to refresh your body.

Girls who aim to have abs, show waist S, are recommended to drink plenty of water. because drinking water is good for health It also speeds up the burning of calories. Ladies, try drinking 1-2 liters of water per day to help you lose weight. Sculpting the abdominal muscles will be easier. Most importantly, avoid drinking soft drinks, tea, coffee because drinking water is the best. Don't forget to drink lots of water.

get enough sleep

want to have abs Don't neglect your rest, sis. If you sleep late, sleep less, make you hungry often, eat a lot, your body stops building muscle, the girls will get fat. It is recommended that you go to bed no later than midnight. and should not eat before going to bed because it will make you fat easily

Girls, don't forget to apply the trick. always recite that want to have abs Just looking for inspiration, dieting, wearing great workout clothes. Take your shoes out and make a puppet. And don't forget to drink lots of water. get enough rest I'm rooting for the girls. Everyone who wants to have abdominal muscles, keep fighting.

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