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Ideas to dress up for New Year's trips. No matter what line, it can be chic with a Wacoal bra.


It's New Year's Eve. Yay! Girls, are you planning to travel yet? Today, Wacoal introduces bras for girls to Mix & Match their outfits during the New Year. No matter which line of travel, it's the most popular. What collections will there be? Let's go see

sea ​​line

New Year's holiday, go to the beach, even if you want to wear a bra with a structure I'm afraid that I will be uncomfortable. In addition, the weather is hot, Wacoal recommends this “cool bra” Wacoal Travel Bra Spacer, light and comfortable, cool down with spacer fabric, breathable, quick drying, not stuffy, the breast base is made of rubber. Helps lift and tighten the breasts Without a steel frame, pressing pain, comfortable to wear, not uncomfortable, will wear to play in the sea Or wear it over a long-sleeved shirt without buttoning. Guarantee that there is no trend. No matter what angle you take a photo, you will look good shape, sexy and easy to roll up. Return your beautiful shape whether you pack your bags to travel or to be stored in the closet save space Recommended to have 👉 http://bit.ly/3WKQQrU

late camping

Sai Wai likes to go camping and pitch a tent, but is afraid of the heat. Sweat a lot, have a musty smell, will definitely end up having fun. Wacoal recommends " Bra Cool ", an innovative underwear that cools and dries quickly, smooth stitching, seamless, seamless, perforated sponge, breathable, quick-drying, not stuffy, and coated. Anti-Bacterial No worries about musty smell, beautiful and comfortable with Wacoal Cool only. Girls can wear shorts or loose-fitting jeans. match with brakul and find another coat, very cool Whether it's raining, the bra dries quickly, no worries, or the weather is hot. The bra is not stuffy and cool. It's perfect for camping. Must have something like this, sis. 👉 https://bit.ly/3OYT4l3

party line

New Year, party lovers like us, how can we miss it? To crush your heart to the end, we come to recommend a bra without a frame. The bra keeps the breasts from showing. Any party can take care of it, allowing girls to Mix & Match with a variety of clothing styles. Whether it's a strapless dress, off-the-shoulder tops, single straps, you can be confident, small cups, big cups, good island, tight island, no leakage, adjustable straps, both chest island, single shoulder, neck strap and back cross. Repeatedly, young men must definitely stare at you. Don't forget to go to order 👉 http://bit.ly/3hXJen8


This new year, make an appointment to eat buffet with friends. but extremely stressful Which dress to wear Girls, don't worry, we have a Shape Beautifier to introduce, a 3-in-1 beauty helper to keep your belly, thighs, and hips lifted, all in one. No matter how much buffet you eat, your belly won't go out. Because the pants keep the shape, comfortable, flexible, keep the perfect figure, no matter what buffet You can be confident. Don't forget to go to order. There are many designs to choose from. I'll post the link for you 👉 http://bit.ly/3Vv40bI

sleep late

work all year Haven't rested yet This new year, I want to sleep at home comfortably. Recommend cool items Cute pajamas (Wacoal Nightwear ), comfortable to wear, available in many styles. Many collections, including Wacoal x Fluffy Omelet, Nobra pajamas, cute prints. Comfortable to wear and cute until you want to wear it all day.

Later, Wacoal x Pasaya Collection gave a smooth touch. soft and comfortable when wearing Soft like this. You can sleep all day.

And finish off with the New Collection "Do It Your Mood" pajamas made of terry towels, soft and comfortable to wear, comes with bright colors. and adding features with embroidery on the pocket

Super cute like this. Must have it 👉 http://bit.ly/3Iev8Zz

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