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Chic item, must be ordered by Freedom people.


Freedom people , don't miss out on underwear that meets your masculine needs. Be a woman as you wish with Wacoal Freedom , underwear that meets the diversity of the LGBT group. The bra that covers the chest to be flat. Underwear that helps to keep the shape like a woman, enhances the hips, lifts the hips, and the ribbed bra tightens under the breasts. Let's see if there are any types that the Freedom people have to keep.

Tank top to keep fit, adjust the cool look without definition

Although designed to resemble women's underwear. But a tight-fitting tank top will help flatten your chest. Collect as many breasts as possible. keep the position of the sternum The style of the shirt is available in half and full body. ready to choose size Add options for tightening, whether it's a side hook and zipper style, can be adjusted as you wish. Inside, added PAD SHEET at the front, concealing smooth, increasing confidence. The fabric structure ventilates moisture and perspiration well. The fabric is soft and flexible. Good spring, firm, flexible with the body of the wearer.

Body shaper and hip enhancer pants Adjust the broken body to be bang in proportion.

Underwear that helps to look more feminine with body pads. Help adjust the body under the chest base. fit your body proportionately The front is designed as a Curve , curved under the breast base. Delicate fabric, soft, compact, easy to clean, quick drying, side hooks. adjustable up to three levels

Hip enhancing pants Helps to lift beautiful round buttocks double sponge Both the hips and buttocks This increases the hip circumference by two inches. plus extra foam padding Attached to the pants, do not move in the wrong position. will wear to party Eat buffet with girlfriends or leave any job It helps to adjust the broken shape. It will be great for sure.

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