caption children's day How to post social media to catch the heart of teenagers like Bad


This year's Children's Day, the social line must have some great content. #Caption. I don't want to grow up. #captions tempting children I will post a picture with a caption. or post caption only Guarantee that you can call the top of the light in a bang way. I will post at any time, there is no out for sure. What will be there to see?

# cute baby captions

  • Stubborn, but knows when to be a good boy
  • It's almost Children's Day. I have a child. Rubber.
  • Not a good boy But you can be a fan for me.
  • To grow up every year But I want to be your child forever.
  • I'm chubby now, but when I was 10 years old, I was thin.
  • Children are the future of the nation. But if nothing goes wrong, I want to be your future.
  • I don't want to be a good boy I want to be more of a kid
  • He's a good boy, not stubborn. He's a naive, not mischievous child.
  • Can small breasts count as babies?
  • When I was a kid, I wanted a teddy bear. But now I want you to be by my side.

# captions to lure children

  • On Children's Day, I want to tell the children that your cheeks smell good.
  • Good boy, good boy. Would you rather be my boy?
  • I don't like to eat children But if the sister is straight I think the child is fine.
  • Kindergarten children, elementary school children, little children, good children, the only child who wants to be is your child.
  • If he's a good boy, no one loves him. Try contacting Line to be my kid. I'll love you every day
  • Fat kids don't look good. So are you a good boy?
  • children's day must have a slogan As for the day we love each other... there must be one day!
  • Love to study, it's good. but love me too
  • This year's Children's Day, can I ask for a gift as a brother?
  • Grown up. I want to adopt a child.

# Caption I don't want to grow up

  • Looking back, why did I grow up so difficult?
  • I want to not be a child again Hurts the most, just hits the mother
  • When I was a kid, everything was beautiful. You don't have to come across anything like when you were growing up.
  • I want to be a kid, don't have to go to school and play all day.
  • It's good to be a kid. Don't rush into growing up. It's too tiring.
  • We don't have any semester breaks. There are days when I have to step into adulthood.
  • Growing up, I realized that I was wrong. I want to go back to being a young kid who doesn't have to think about anything every day.
  • The taste of growing up Probably not like a governor.
  • Is it wrong that I don't want to grow up to be an adult?
  • I want to be a kid, I don't want to grow up

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Happy Children's Day, Bloom Gang people 👧🎉 The motto of Children's Day 2023 is "know duty, discipline, pursuit of good deeds" by General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister.

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