Chinese New Year, do these 10 things, you will be lucky!


chinese new year festival Or New Year's Day of the Chinese, many people who are Thai people of Chinese descent. would be quite a bit excited because of this moment It's time to meet with relatives. And some people may receive red envelopes from respected adults. In the Chinese New Year festival, it will be divided into 3 days: pay day, pay day, travel day, and still have 10 activities that will make you lucky and lucky throughout the year. Let's see what will happen.

🧧 Pay homage to the ancestors and pay homage to ghosts without relatives

The worship will consist of savory food. sweet and various kinds of fruits meaning auspicious in the morning to pay homage to the house owners and ancestors During the noon time, they will pay homage to ghosts without relatives. After that, firecrackers to drive away the evil.

Chinese New Year

🧧 Ceremony to receive Caishing Yea to enhance luck, good luck and wealth.

Cai Sing Ye ” is the god of fortune and a guardian deity. Therefore there is often a ceremony to accept the deity. Which is comparable to a ceremony to receive fortune, enhance luck, good luck and wealth.

🧧 bring 4 oranges to bless elders to increase good luck, stability, wealth throughout the year

Choosing 4 golden oranges to pay respect to the gods during the Chinese New Year To pay homage to the gods of all 4 seasons and the adults must accept 2 oranges and return them to the worshipers, 2 of which are believed to bring good luck, stability and wealth throughout the year.

Chinese New Year

🧧 addicted to new year greetings to be wealthy

Bring blessings that are poems written on red paper and stick on the front door of the house. in order to enhance the prosperity of the people in the house and bless you to make more trade rich in money

🧧 Eat vegetarian food in the first meal to get merit.

Chinese people will have the first vegetarian meal of the year. It is believed that you will get merit like eating vegetarian food throughout the year.

Chinese New Year

🧧 Say good things Let's meet only good things throughout the year.

Choosing good words for the Chinese New Year encourages good things throughout the year.

🧧 Put on new, colorful clothes. Enhance the prosperity

Chinese New Year is wearing red clothes to bring good fortune. It is believed that colorful clothes In particular, red is an auspicious color for the Chinese people. It symbolizes good luck, happiness and prosperity.

Chinese New Year

🧧 Gather relatives to eat dumplings. to be wealthy 

Chinese New Year is a day of family reunions. Everyone will come to the table to eat dumplings on Sa-Jab, the last meal before the New Year. The appearance of dumplings is similar to Chinese money, meaning to bring wealth and wealth.

🧧 Travel to celebrate the festival.

The day of the trip will focus on dressing in colorful clothes. took off to travel and to pay homage to elder relatives for auspiciousness in life and should refrain from sinning

🧧 Receive Ang Pao for good luck

Receiving and giving out red packets is considered as offering fortune to others. So it's a good start to the year. As a result, the whole year is full of luck.

Chinese New Year

Here are 10 things to do during Chinese New Year. Read it and don't forget to put it into practice. For the prosperity and enhance your luck, fortune and good luck throughout the year.

Xin Jia Youyi, Xinny Huat Chai.

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