ปักหมุด ตรุษจีน !! “วิหารกวนอิม อี่ทงเทียนไท้” สายมู ต้องมารับปีมังกร

Pin Chinese New Year!! "Guan Yin Temple, Yi Tong Tian Tai" Sai Mu must come to welcome the Year of the Dragon.


Bodhisattva Guan Yin Yi Tong Tian Tai sacred things Sai Mu people who want to receive good fortune, increase wealth, and improve their fortunes should visit. Beautiful with the entire body carved from "white jade". Spectacular with a height of 2.62 meters and a weight of 2.8 tons, a new sacred place that I want for Thai people And all the Sai Mu have come to prove their success in the Year of the Dragon by designing the Bodhisattva Guan Yin to sit on the back of a dragon swimming in the middle of the ocean.

The dragon is compared to wealth and riches, and the river is compared to flow, smoothness, and success. Those who come to pay homage and pray It is recommended to rub the body of the Dragon to make your wishes come true and be rich. Prove your success in the Year of the Dragon..This Chinese New Year, anyone who wants to be successful, wealthy, and prosperous in terms of assets. and succeed in their duties Recommended that you don't miss it. Pin this Chinese New Year “Guanyin Yi Tongtian Tai Bodhisattva Temple” proves its popularity, mystique, and beauty together.

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