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4 cool Chinese New Year poses to attract more likes and increase your luck and receive wealth.


Great evil, Pu Yao Lai, Wu Luo De Mei!

Chinese New Year, Year of the Dragon, enhance your luck by wearing red. And increase your popularity with 4 poses to take photos on social media while holding props for auspicious items such as tea sets, auspicious oranges, fans, red envelopes, and write cool captions. You can definitely get likes. For anyone who can't think of a pose. Don't miss this article! Wacoal has compiled it for you. What poses are there? Prepare to save it!

Da Chua Te Chua Pu Yao Lai

1. Handing out red envelopes with your beloved buddy
This Chinese New Year, who doesn't want to take photos alone? It is recommended to invite your female friend to pose and distribute red envelopes to promote happiness, wealth, and longevity.
2. Walking while sipping tea with your beloved buddy
Invite your buddy to dress up in Chinese New Year clothes and pose while sipping tea. Chinese people believe that tea sets with auspicious patterns or colors will bring good fortune and luck.
3. Chic pose holding auspicious props
This pose suggests finding an auspicious prop for Chinese New Year. such as auspicious fruits or home decorations

  • Auspicious orange brings good luck, stability and prosperity throughout the year.
  • Red lanterns help ward off bad things.
  • Dui Lian wrote a wish to be wealthy and bring wealth and prosperity.

4. "Fan" holding pose to attract wealth
Anyone who likes to dress up for Chinese New Year and go out to take photos in various places such as Yaowarat and shrines, I recommend this pose. Chinese people believe that fans will bring luck. Money and happiness for people in the house on Chinese New Year.

Anyone who likes the idea of ​​posing for pictures on Chinese New Year, friends can choose to use them. Whether taking photos together or alone, it's definitely a hit. And Wacoal wishes everyone to receive wealth, prosperity, and prosperity throughout the Year of the Dragon.
Xinjia Yuyi Xinnihuatchai (Chiness New year)

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