สีเสื้อมงคล 2024

deal! Auspicious shirt color 2024


Anyone who is a big fan can't miss this. Wacoal is giving out "2024 Auspicious Shirt Color Chart" for everyone to choose the color to wear each day. If you want to improve your luck in any area, save it quickly, including love, work, finances, luck, and have the criteria to win the lottery and receive great wealth. Just pick it up and wear it in the right color, on the right day, or wear it on the day the lottery draws. Prepare to receive great luck. Let's see what color shirt you have to wear each day to be lucky.

Auspicious color shirt 2024


  • Work: purple and pink
  • Fortune: Black, Blue and Gray.
  • Mercy: red and black
  • Adorable adults: light gray and gold
  • Kalakini: Yellow

Auspicious color shirt 2024


  • Work: orange and green
  • Fortune: orange and brown
  • Kindness: white, yellow and pink.
  • Adorable adults: blue
  • Kalakini: red

Auspicious shirt color 2024


  • Work: purple and gray
  • Fortune: Red, Black and Gray
  • Kindness: pink and purple
  • Adorable adults: red
  • Kalakini: cream color

Auspicious shirt color 2024

Wednesday (Wednesday)

  • Work: brown and orange
  • Fortune: Blue and Pink
  • Kindness: green
  • Adorable adults: white and cream
  • Kalakini: black

Auspicious shirt color 2024


  • Work: Blue and Green
  • Fortune: Cream, yellow and orange.
  • Kindness: yellow and orange
  • Adorable adults: green
  • Kalakini: Brown

Auspicious shirt color 2024


  • Work: Yellow, white and blue.
  • Fortune: green and gray
  • Kindness: Pink, Blue, and Blue.
  • Adorable adults: orange and brown
  • Kalakini: red

Auspicious shirt color 2024


  • Work: Brown, orange and purple.
  • Fortune: Red and Blue
  • Kindness: Pink, purple, and black.
  • Adorable adults: pink
  • Kalakini: light gray

For success in the Year of the Dragon Sai Moo, you must press save.

In addition, choosing to wear clothes in auspicious colors is a personal belief. Everyone can choose to wear what they like. For those who like heavy moo Choose to wear according to the day, all colors included. You will get both money and fortune multiplied by two.

Information: Astrologer Association of Thailand Under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen

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