Shop underwear online How to tell if it's real vs. fake?

Have you ever? Bought underwear online but not sure if it's real or fake. Today, Wacoal is here to share information on how to shop to get the real thing and tell you how to look at products for girls who like to shop for underwear via online channels. and giving out store locations so you can shop with confidence. Any girls who like to shop online, we recommend that you read this!

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How to shop for authentic underwear?
Before ordering: Girls who frequently shop online You must observe this.

  1. Choose a reliable store: A genuine online store must sell quality products. can be checked And there is an electronic registration certification.
  2. Stores must have product consulting services: If customers have questions about products, stores must have a channel for inquiring. Including the counseling staff must be able to provide detailed information to customers. If there is no response, you should not decide to purchase.
  3. Multiple Payment Methods: A genuine online store must provide customers with multiple payment methods to choose from. Both transfer via bank account system (Thai QR Payment) and pay via credit card. Which store has only one payment method? It is not recommended to purchase products and pay.
  4. There are reviews from other customers.

In addition to viewing store information Before ordering ladies Anyone who still doesn't know their own cup size? You can go and see the information. You can check the cup size measurement to find the right size for you.

Genuine Wacoal

After receiving the product: Have the customer observe the genuine product tag.

  1. The label is clear and verifiable, giving clear product details including price and instructions for use.
  2. In case the product has a problem Stores must have a refund and product return policy. Customers are advised to read the details to understand. So that there will be no problem when refunding the money. or return the product

Now that you know the trick, ladies, don't forget to choose a shop that is reliable. Read the details carefully before ordering. When receiving the product, you must check the hanging tag that comes with the product carefully. Follow these 3 things and you will definitely get the real thing.

Store location: www.wacoal.co.th

Genuine Wacoal

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