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Guess the habit from underwear.


Did you know? Choosing the right underwear In addition to making it look stylish. And can also predict the habits as well. Some girls like plain underwear. Some people like sexy lace patterns. Or fitness lovers like sports bra underwear. Increase flexibility in activities Today, Wacoal invites girls to guess their habits from their favorite underwear. Welcoming the month of love what style of girl are you Guarantee that it's accurate. Let's read

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plain underwear

Of course, those who like this style of underwear must be simple ones. not much time Pick up underwear to match with any outfit. With soft underwear tones (minimal), it makes you look feminine, sweet, cute, and likes to buy paraphernalia.

lace underwear

This style of girl is hot, sexy, likes to follow trends, and is always excited. look charming good at attracting the opposite sex No matter how many times you look at it, it's not boring. Young men like to fall in love. And no matter how much I get older, I still have a child in me. never diminished

push up bra

This style girl is confident. love your own lifestyle and focus on taking care of yourself a lot In addition, during this period, it seems that there is love to feel bright and welcome the month of love ever. Any young man who has this style as a sweetheart It can be called extremely envious.

underwear sports bra

It's known as a sports bra. This group of girls must be healthy lovers. I definitely like exercising. and secretly have a recklessness Because life always likes challenges. time to do something Must be able to do until you can do what you think is accomplished, guys who secretly love this style of girl. They have to be equally reckless to get along.

How are you? have tried to guess the habit What style does it match? Try to guess your habits and don't forget to share with your friends to try to guess too.

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