Did you know? Where do pregnant people sleep? good for mom


When you are a mother, you can't sleep in any position you like. So what position can a mother sleep in ! Sleep on your back, on your left side, or on your right side, even if it's safe for the baby in your womb. Please listen to this way ! Because the correct sleeping posture in addition to helping the mother sleep comfortably It can also help prevent cramps.

#Which sleeping position is good for mother's heart?

1st trimester (gestational age 0-4 months) Lie on your back as usual.

  • It is advisable to lie on your back normally. and alternate with sleeping on their side so that the blood vessels are not pressed until the mother feels uncomfortable and uncomfortable

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2nd trimester (4-7 months gestational age ) lying on your side

  • Entering the second trimester , the mother began to not want to lie on her back. because the lower abdomen began to swell Therefore, it is recommended that mothers lie on their side. and use a bolster inserted under the stomach and between the legs It will help the mother feel more comfortable.

#You are pregnant. #Pregnant person in each quarter

Third trimester ( 7-9 months of gestational age) Lie on the side that mother is good at.

  • Pregnant mothers in this trimester should sleep as comfortably as possible. It is recommended to sleep on the side that mother is good at. Or lie alternating left and right when you feel tired. because it will have a better effect on the mother and the child than sleeping on one side And should use a pillow at the end of the foot slightly higher than the level of the heart. for good blood circulation

#You are pregnant. #Pregnant person in each quarter

# Which sleeping position (not) is good for mother's heart

  • Lying on the stomach is not recommended. Especially mothers who are pregnant from the 2nd trimester because it will make the mother have difficulty breathing and the blood circulation is not good enough. May be dangerous for mother and child.
  • The supine position is not recommended for expectant mothers who are about to give birth. Because more weight may put pressure on the aorta. Makes the mother have back pain and may faint.

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In addition to the problem of sleeping posture that causes mothers feeling sick also has a large belly The persistent pain in the lower abdomen, even the pain in the back and waist that causes mothers to hold their temples like this, can mothers be able to endure it? Wacoal has asked the doctor. It is recommended to wear a Support , also known as a sheet to support the womb. It will help reduce back pain, waist pain and can be put into daily routines .

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