YOGA ช่วยผ่อนคลายสไตล์สาวออฟฟิศ

YOGA helps to relax, office style


Working all week like this 💻 Girls must be in pain.

Let's take care of ourselves better with YOGA

Relaxing, office lady style, easy to do at home 💞 Before exercising, don't forget to choose a Sports Bra that is suitable for exercise 👙 to support the breast to be beautiful while exercising. Be confident in any position you move with Wacoal Motion Wear " Move Faster Bra. " Even if you encounter a lot of centrifugal force or need flexibility, you can handle it.

☝️ Posture 1 Archery posture 🏹
Lie facedown on the floor, slowly lift both feet up, using both hands to try to touch the ankles. To pull your legs high, slowly lift your head and chest off the floor. Hold, then slowly lower your legs.
✌️ The 2nd posture, Snake pose 🐍
Lie face down flat on the floor with both legs straight behind the feet flat on the floor. Place your hands face down, shoulder-width apart. Press your feet, thighs, and hips flat on the floor. Inhale and stretch your arms. Lift both hands up. Lift your head high. with a look behind
👌 The 3rd pose, pigeon pose 🦅
Sit with your left leg stretched behind you. The back of the foot is attached to the floor. right leg bent at the knee to the side like sitting cross-legged Bring your hips down to the floor. put your hands forward Hold your abs tight for 30 seconds.
👏 The 4th pose, standing posture, bend down 🧍 ♀️
Stand with your feet together, bending over with your hands on the floor. Try to keep your head close to your legs. If anyone can't do this pose, they can spread their legs slightly apart.
Hold and slowly raise your hand.

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