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Ideas to match clothes to go to a concert in a chic way


It's almost the end of the year like this. The activity will be a little tight, anyone who presses to reserve concert tickets But still no idea what to wear. The closet was full of clothes. But still don't know how to match Today, Wacoal has ideas for girls. Try to pick up clothes in the closet to Mix & Match to be great in style. Plus, the dance has spread until the end of the event. Let's see which looks are there?

The first idea is a cute look with an inner bra covered with a comfortable shirt. Match it with slacks in earth tone colors such as blue, cream, white and beige. Turn around and look. For those who want a sour and spicy look, just wear one bra. Without having a shirt to cover up with slacks. This is just delicious.

ideas later match Underwire bra with a sweet colored crop top And high-waisted jeans will have a cute, sexy, charming look, definitely not pornographic or any girl who wants to show off her figure. Get a cool look To wear a single bra to match with jeans. Look at it anyway, it's very naughty.

This idea is cool and cool. Don't miss out on Mix & Match black clothes. How to be unconventional. No matter how you wear it, I recommend this bra without a head. Matched with long black mesh gloves. and a black skirt or shorts. Choose chic glasses and put on a bucket-shaped hat for a modern fashion look. That will help to upgrade the look to look like a cool girl.

The last idea is " pajama set ", many girls probably wouldn't think of it. How can you wear pajamas to go to a concert? You can say yes. Let's try to create pajamas. How to wear to a concert to look chic with the "Do It Your Mood" pajama collection , available in long sleeves, long legs, and short sleeves and shorts.

  • The first look is a crop top with short sleeves and long pants. Add gimmicks with screen-printed shirts. make it look cuter Match it with a pair of sneakers. cute certification
  • The second look, Pajamas set, short sleeves, Hawaiian collar, front cut buttons with shorts Add some flair with embroidery. on the pocket Match with fashion long socks. Cute canvas shoes are definitely chic.
  • Third look: Oversize sweater, round neck, long sleeves, and shorts. Add features with a screen pattern. Can be worn in to out, comfortable to wear, soft touch surface Paired with fashion long socks and sneakers, nothing cuter than this.

Ladies, you can see that pajamas don't have to be just in the house. But can be worn outside the house without being shy, plus mix & match to get a unique look Must have this minute

Don't forget to bring the ideas we suggest to Mix & Match with the clothes in the closet in a great way. Going to any concert is confident. Distributed Dance style for women like us

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