Wacoal BW products for washing underwear, set of 12 bottles, model WL6A04

Wacoal BW products for washing underwear, set of 12 bottles, model WL6A04

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Wacoal BW
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Wacoal BW underwear washing product WL6A04

BE DOUBLE YOU U, products for washing underwear and fabrics that require special care with formula 2IN1, which has properties
• Remove stubborn stains that are difficult to remove, such as menstrual stains. can be clean without wasting energy With a mixture of naturally developed cleaning agents and protease enzymes
• Contains fabric softener. Helps the fabric to be soft to the touch.
• Contains a mixture of fine aromatic oils. Helps to keep clothes smelling clean Reduces musty odor even in the shade

Notification number Sor Por 55/2563
Net content: 250 ml.

how to use
• Mix 2 caps of BW product (10 ml.) per 2 liters of water for 10 pieces of fabric, soak for 5 minutes.
• Gently rub and rinse. If there is a strong stain on the cloth, the product can be poured directly onto the cloth.

Name and ratio of active ingredients (Name &% Active ingredients) :
• Sodium lauryl ether sulfate (Sodium lauryl ether sulfate) 8.460% w/w
• Sodium alpha olefin sulfonate (Sodium alpha olefin sulfonate) 4.800% w/w
• Sodium coco sulfate (Sodium coco sulfate) 3.600% w/w
• Alkyl Polyglycosides (C10-C16 Alkyl polyglycoside) 1.930% w/w
• Other cocamidopropyl beta (Cocamidopropyl betaine) 1,500% w/w

1. Test the color of the fabric on the edge of the underwear or bra before washing.
2. Washing should be separated between white and colored clothes.

storage method
• Store in a closed place away from children, food and pets.

1. Do not eat.
2. Be careful not to get into your eyes.
3. For people whose skin is sensitive to chemicals or needs to be washed for a long time or regularly Medication gloves should be worn.
4. Do not dispose of WY products or used containers into rivers, canals, public water sources.

How to cure preliminary poisoning
1. If it gets into your eyes, immediately rinse with clean water until the irritation subsides. If not relieved, see a doctor.
2. If the B-D product is swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Drink large amounts of water or milk to dilute and take the patient to a doctor immediately. together with the container, label or insert of BW products

produced by
International company Laboratories Co., Ltd. 62 Moo 8, Bangna-Trad Road, Bangchalong, Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540

distributed by
I.C.C. International Public Company Limited 530 Soi Sathupradit 58, Bang Phongphang, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120

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