Wacoal Balancing Bra Model WXB505 Black (BL)

Wacoal Balancing Bra Model WXB505 Black (BL)

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Balancing Bra restores confidence to life

- Short bra, Full Cup, no underwire, smooth breasts
- Wide shoulder straps help bear the weight and reduce pressure on the shoulders.
- High mid-bust to hold the shape well. The high side holds more meat on the sides.
- With pockets for breast implants inside both left and right sides Sewing on the inside, hidden seams.
- The fabric contains a mixture of Cotton for a soft touch, does not irritate the skin and allows ventilation, Spandex for flexibility and firmness, Nylon for easy washing and quick drying.

*Note: The product is specially tailored for customers only. You will receive the product within 7-10 working days after payment.

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