ชุดชั้นในถูกใจผู้ใช้ยุคปัจจุบัน ต้องนุ่ม สบาย วาโก้ส่ง “Wacoal Soft Flex มีดีมากกว่านุ่ม”  คือนุ่มที่กระชับเอาเรื่อง! ตอบโจทย์ลูกค้าเดิม กระตุ้นลูกค้าใหม่ ดันยอดขายกลางปี 67

Underwear that appeals to today's users must be soft and comfortable. Wacoal launches "Wacoal Soft Flex. It's better than soft." It's soft and firm! Answering the needs of existing customers Stimulate new customers Push sales in mid-2024


In an era where the lifestyle of each person is rushing to everything in order to complete various missions. But I don't neglect to pay attention to dressing. Including choosing underwear that increases confidence but must be soft and comfortable to make life easier. Waco answers that need with the Wacoal Soft Flex collection. It's better than soft. is soft and concise For people who like comfort but don't skimp on tightness.

Mrs. Indira Naksakul, Marketing Director, said, “Currently, the trend of wearing underwear emphasizes the main function, which is comfort. But with many daily activities, The underwear you wear must feel soft and comfortable, so the fabric used is important even though comfort is emphasized. But users still want underwear that fits snugly and doesn't feel uncomfortable. The Wacoal Soft Flex collection is the answer to this. It's different from general bras that are comfortable but not tight when worn. Or it's tight but uncomfortable when worn. Because of Wacoal research Continuously develop and explore consumer needs. Therefore discovered the Soft Touch innovation , made from fine fabric. Soft touch surface Gives a comfortable feeling. Flexible and High Power. The fabric is highly flexible. Supports every movement Wear tight and confident. In addition to being underwear that makes every day comfortable. It is also a green product because it is made from environmentally friendly raw materials. both natural fibers and recycled fibers from waste materials from the production process.

The Wacoal Soft Flex collection consists of underwear for working people , hugging and supporting all sizes. Bras for girls with large cups, comfortable to wear, both with underwire and without underwire, including underwire bras, worn as outerwear, easy to match for many different looks, and underwear, slimming pants. There are both short and long legs. Helps tighten the abdomen, thighs and lift the buttocks to make them round and beautiful. Then you will love your body more. With Wacoal Soft Flex underwear , it's more than soft. is soft and concise There are many colors and sizes to choose from. Any style will suit your needs. Along with the launch of "P'Numnim" Wacoal's first mascot. The representative of softness and comfort who will become a new best friend of girls. Have fun with your life,” Mrs. Indira concluded.

Watch P'Numnim's cuteness in the Wacoal Soft Flex commercial. Click https://1th.me/RpLRU. And if you are looking for soft underwear Comfortable but tight, don't miss out on Wacoal Soft Flex. Shop now at participating Wacoal shops and counters. with online channels www.wacoal.co.th, Shopee, Lazada, Central Online and ICC Shopping or add LINE @wacoal.th to receive news and inquire about product information.

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