วาโก้จะไม่หยุด คงคอนเซ็ปต์ WACOAL LOVE EARTH “NOT A COLLECTION. IT’S OUR MISSION.” เพราะวาโก้ไม่ใช่แค่คอลเลกชันชุดชั้นใน แต่คือภารกิจรักษ์โลกอย่างยั่งยืน  ในงานสหกรุ๊ปแฟร์ ครั้งที่ 27 ไบเทคบางนา

Wacoal will never stop, keeping the concept of WACOAL LOVE EARTH “NOT A COLLECTION. IT'S OUR MISSION.” Because Wacoal is not just a collection of underwear. But it is a mission to save the world sustainably. At the 27th Saha Group Fair, BITEC Bangna


Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited continues to be a leader in the lingerie business. Guaranteed by Marketeer No. 1 Brand Thailand 2011-2023, Wacoal is the number 1 most popular brand for the 12th consecutive year from the survey of consumers nationwide by Marketeer magazine and world-class market research institutes. With a vision of responsibility in all aspects, including economy, society and environment by the environment Wacoal pays attention to quality. safety standards environmentally conscious Every piece of Wacoal goes through a non-toxic, environmentally friendly production process. so that businesses and Wacoal products can live with society and the environment sustainably Along with inviting shoppers to join in on a not-so-secret mission, chop up to 70% off at the 27th Saha Group Fair between June 29, 2023 – July 2, 2023 from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. at BITEC, Bangna. Hall 98-100

Mr. Thammarat Chokwatana, Director of Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited, said, “Wacoal is underwear originated in Japan. Guaranteed comfort when wearing. feel comfortable when wearing quality products In addition to building confidence from the inside out. It also creates a long-standing relationship with people and society. In the 27th Saha Group Fair 2023 , everyone is invited to find the mission of sustainability at Wacoal products and innovation exhibition booth, Hall 100 under the concept WACOAL LOVE EARTH NOT A COLLECTION. IT'S. OUR MISSION . _ _ environmentally friendly Standard selection of raw materials Environmentally friendly product design quality production process Efficient inventory management Providing accurate information to consumers as well as disposing and destruction in a way that does not affect the environment For example, accepting the return of unused underwear products to reduce community waste. Reduce pollution from landfills or open burning, reduce global warming, reduce PM 2.5 dust, convert it into energy to generate electricity. with the Wacoal Braday project, our old bra

A special highlight in the Wacoal booth Hall 100 is the 2 new collections that were showcased and debuted for the first time at the Saha Group Fair, WACOAL INDIN and WACOAL FREEDOM . Concept When natural beauty meets feminine beauty, WACOAL INDIN will take you to discover the beauty of lingerie. Created from inspiration from the colors of the soil. Both increase the value of wearing Made from natural fibers and renewable materials. because skin color is just a natural mechanism It doesn't make us different in humanity or in relationships. The WACOAL INDIN collection includes bras with various functions and designs that accommodate all cup sizes, sports bras and leggings, free cut pullovers , pants. Slimming, pajamas, sleeveless shirt Built-in Pad can be easily mixed and matched with clothes in your own style, with Dr. Kajornsak Nakpan, the winner of the award Textiles, fabrics, textures, patterns and clothing design from The A'Design Award and Competition, ITALY co-created the concept of the WACAOL INDIN collection.

Also in the Wacoal booth during the catalog show also joined with students of the Faculty of Decorative Arts costume design department Silpakorn University Let's create outfits for the models in the WACOAL INDIN x RECITER collection, encouraging young designers to proudly step into the fashion world.

A strong trend since it has not yet begun to be sold, attracting attention from all over the world with the collection " WACOAL FREEDOM , freedom…without definition", limited edition UNDERWEAR , men's underwear , both boxer and bikini. Including the special edition Lace Boxer , red and black lace boxer briefs. Comfortable, light, breathable fabric because you believe that you like it. Diversified interests and lifestyles ready to be open to receive new things to add color to life “Make Life..Live” Wacoal supports diversity and equality. Because everyone should be proud of who they are. freedom to express freely by selling the first place at the 27th Saha Group Fair and online channels www.wacoal.co.th

Another special event that gets bigger every year. Wacoal fashion show that brings an army of models-models to the stage Which comes in the same concept as Wacoal's product and innovation exhibition booth, namely WACOAL LOVE EARTH “NOT A COLLECTION. IT'S OUR MISSION.” FASHION SHOW 2023 conveys stories and inspiration of various collections of lingerie. Presented through WACOAL FOR ALL MODEL for the first time in 27 years at the Saha Group Fair. The audience will see the diversity of people, regardless of age, gender, origin, skin color and sexual orientation, who come together on this stage of diversity and equality. Presented through 3 themes in various collections:

1. WACOAL NFT when the real world connects to the virtual world Under the Wacoal My Turn, Turn on the Confidence project, Wacoal, the innovation leader, is ready to connect with NFT technology to create new experiences. Let everyone be beautiful and confident in their own style.

  1. WACOAL FOR ALL Wacoal for everyone, every age, every size, every cup, and every piece of Wacoal is a sustainable product. Because they are made from natural or recycled materials. Through the production process, safe from toxic substances, environmentally friendly, such as Wacoal Bloom , our first bra, Wacoal Mood - Do it your mood , Wacoal Curve Diva , a bra for women with large cup size DIVA , Wacoal Maternity takes care of mothers in every change. , Wacoal Gold , the ultimate comfort for changing ages, Wacoal Motion ensures every movement, Wacoal Shape Beautifier creates confidence from the inside out, Wacoal Freedom , freedom ... that has no definition, including LIMITED UNDERWEAR Lace Boxer Briefs. Red and black lace boxers and various models of Wacoal briefs are light, comfortable, and breathable.
  2. WACOAL INDIN Beauty from the natural colors of the soil. Inspired by the colors of the earth, the underwear comes in 4 shades and adds to the wearable value of being made from natural fibers and renewable materials such as cotton and breasts that contain 10% palm oil instead. crude oil Including fabric from plastic bottles and recycled nylon. This collection contains Both bras of various designs, many functions , sports bras, sports leggings Support for all activities or exercises, free cut pullover bra , slimming pants and pajamas , smooth and comfortable touch.

along with watching a special show from "Bogey Lion" who showed the power of the song "Long Jai" and presented the beauty of women. conveyed through underwear WACOAL INDIN created from inspiration from the colors of the soil. and as Bogie is the presenter of this brand

This mission to save the world is the duty of shoppers. Because Wacoal products are made from raw materials and the production process is environmentally friendly. but still maintains the quality and standard of the product Until being the number 1 underwear for everyone, every age, every size, every cup, there are a variety to choose from, including WACOAL BLOOM, WACOAL MOOD, WACOAL MOTION WEAR, WACOAL COOL, WACOAL CURVE DIVA, WACOAL SHAPE BEAUTIFIER , underwear and sets. sleep, etc. in the 27th Saha Group Fair, up to 70% off


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