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How do you choose a bra that is suitable for your age?


Did you know that choosing underwear for the beginning age? It is very important and necessary. Due to the physiology of children in their growing age Underwear should be selected to suit the body of children in each age so that they can wear beautiful underwear. confidently

Wacoal has always researched the female body. To understand the basic physiology of girls of all ages Therefore, underwear is designed to suit the changes in the body of children between the ages of 8-15 years, by designing underwear for the youngsters of the cup-tid age. Let's see how to choose the right underwear for us. How are the steps?

Step 1: Measure the correct size.

  1. Measure the chest circumference (in cm.)
  2. Measure the circumference under the bust (in cm.)
  3. Take the bust circumference and subtract the circumference under the bust , that's the "difference".
  4. Use the differences to compare and find underwear according to STEP that is suitable for your children.

Step 2: Find a STEP for yourself

  • STEP 1 : The difference is less than 4 cm.
  • STEP 2 : The difference is 4-8.5 cm.
  • STEP 3 : The difference is greater 9 cm.

Step 3 : Choose the size of bra, bra and panties that your friends like.

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