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Pink Ribbon Fight Against Breast Cancer Project Raise awareness of "breast cancer"


October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month "Cancer Institute" and "Wacoal" invite awareness and keep up with "breast cancer", the number 1 threat of Thai women.

Currently, most women in Thai society Are facing risks or silent threats of "Breast cancer" and is considered the most popular cancer found in Thai women as No. 1, with a rate of about 17,000 patients diagnosed per year, an average of about 40 people per day, and up to 4,700 deaths per day. years, or about 10 people per day, most often found in women aged 35-60 years and over, the causes and risk factors that may cause breast cancer are still unclear. because there are both external and internal factors that are very scary Because October of every year It is the month of the campaign against breast cancer. Wacoal Pink Bow Project fight breast cancer therefore campaigning for Thai women to be aware of the seriousness And see the importance of breast cancer screening to increase the chances of being cured. by continuing the project with the National Cancer Institute for the 22nd year
Dr. Skan Bunnag, Director of the National Cancer Institute, said, “Breast cancer is caused by abnormal cells in the milk ducts or mammary glands. which are abnormal cells that cannot be controlled and may spread to nearby lymphatic tracts, such as the submandibular lymph nodes Most breast cancers are more common in women than men. Breast cancer is currently the number 1 most popular disease among all cancers. It is expected that there will be an increasing trend every year, so we would like all women to be alert to this danger in order to cope with awareness and vigilance. It is advisable to have breast cancer screening from the age of 35 and over because it is the risk group that is detected most in the age of 60 and over. and has a cured rate

Factors and major causes of breast cancer are:
1. Women aged 35 years and over
2. Hidden genetics or risk group genes, such as having a family history of breast cancer especially close relatives
3. Period of menstruation Women with early menstruation before age 12 and women with late menopause after age 55 are more likely to develop breast cancer. including women who use hormone replacement therapy for a long time
4. Breast irradiation, such as those with lung cancer through radiation that may hit the breast area This could make breast cancer more susceptible.
5. Drinking a lot of alcohol There is a risk of breast cancer as well.
6. Individuals who are obese have a greater chance of developing breast cancer than thin people
The majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer Caused by self-palpation and found a lump in the breast area, the severity of the disease may vary from person to person. It depends on the type of cancer cells. Some types of cancer are easy to treat. Some have abnormalities and large lumps. It may spread and be difficult to treat. including having different physical conditions Some patients have comorbidities such as heart disease, lung disease, liver disease, which make it more difficult to treat. Therefore, 3 important factors that cause breast cancer are 1. the type of cancer cell 2. the size of the distribution and 3. The patient's physical readiness for treatment If compared with cancer in general Breast cancer is considered a cancer with quite effective treatment.
early breast cancer screening Know first...Treat first
Dr. Skan added that awareness first This will allow us to treat breast cancer in the early stages in a timely manner. Especially in women aged 35 years and over, which is caused by abnormalities of the breast such as indented breasts, breast pulling. misshapen breast nipple This includes fluid or blood coming from the breasts. In some patients, there may be an abnormality that spreads laterally to the axillary lymph nodes. which is one signal to watch out for Currently, there are many methods of breast cancer screening, such as self-palpation. palpation by medical personnel Examination using low energy X-rays to take pictures of the breast. Also known as "mammograms", currently mammogram examinations are still accessible to a small number of examinations because of the high cost. The National Cancer Institute has therefore campaigned for Thai women. Always check your breast health by asking for advice from a medical professional or specialist on how to perform a breast self-exam. Including increasing confidence and accuracy. It is recommended to have a mammogram and ultrasound at least once a year.

How to treat breast cancer
1. Treatment by surgery (Surgery) in which breast surgery has a chance to be cured. But there are different types of surgery depending on the type of cancer. cancer proliferation distribution distance If it is in the early stages, it can be operated and completed in one go. But if some patients have drug resistance symptoms resistant to irradiation It will be a palliative treatment. to extend the life of the patient Nowadays, the technology in surgery is more advanced, it is through laparoscopic surgery. which the incision is smaller than normal surgery which is called One Day Surgery or in some cases, the entire breast is removed. along with a new breast enhancement surgery Including replenishment for those who have lost their breasts to enhance their confidence in their lives. by wearing the Balancing Bra, a special edition bra and artificial breasts
2. Radiation therapy which is a popular treatment technique used today Radiation can focus on the cancer at the right point.
3. Drug treatment or chemotherapy There are many types of drugs used in the treatment, such as hormone modulators, chemotherapy drugs that have specific effects on cancer cells and also have effects on general cells.

Therefore, the treatment of breast cancer depends on the stage of the cancer and the type of cancer cells. Each patient may receive different treatment. Nowadays, medical technology has advanced a lot. Treatment for breast cancer does not require mastectomy in all patients. Some cases have a chance of being cured as much as 90% depending on the type of cancer cells as well.

Project “Wacoal Pink Bow Fight Breast Cancer”, which is a charity mammogram activity. With support from Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited to help Thai women who are at risk and are prone to breast cancer but lack the opportunity. Provide access to breast cancer screening services with free mammograms and ultrasounds. It is the most effective way to detect breast cancer.

The charity Wacoal Mammogram activity has been organized in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute and 4 regional cancer hospitals, namely Chonburi Cancer Hospital, Ubon Ratchathani Cancer Hospital, Lampang Cancer Hospital and Surat Thani Cancer Hospital. In the selection of people who are at risk but lack the opportunity to receive services to be eligible for mammogram examination and breast ultrasound without any cost The number of hospitals is 30 people, and also supports travel expenses and compensates income for all underprivileged people, 500 baht each, to help ease the burden and facilitate breast health check-up services. It is really driving activities for the benefit of the people.

Follow the news to be aware of cancer threats. National Cancer Institute at https://www.nci.go.th/

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