วาโก้ "รักษ์โลก" อย่างยั่งยืนจาก “ขวดใสเพื่อโลกสวย” ผลิตเสื้อยูนิฟอร์มพนักงาน

Wacoal "Save the World" sustainably from “Clear Bottle for a Beautiful World” Production of uniforms for employees


Wacoal emphasizes the intention of "Save the Earth" sustainably with the latest project. “Clear Bottle for a Beautiful World” Production of uniforms for employees From more than 67,200 plastic bottles, Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited, the manufacturer of Wacoal lingerie, the number 1 brand in everyone's heart, of all ages, sizes, and cups, is committed to studying, researching and developing physiology, raw materials, design and sewing. come continuously to get quality products that are comfortable to wear Build confidence for all ages

Mr. Boondee Amnuayskul, Executive Chairman and Managing Director

In addition to the importance of business development and product development. It is also committed to giving back to society, communities and the environment continuously. through various projects for the sustainable benefit of the society as a whole for 52 years. Sustainability in line with the changing world situation. both in economic, social and environmental aspects Ready to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Therefore set the sustainability management goals both short-term and long-term. By analyzing the impact and creating value to create a balance in 3 aspects: economy, society and environment. Starting with the development of new uniforms for employees under the concept of "Wacoal Love Earth" in line with the BCG Model, holistic economic development is Bio Economy, Circular Economy, and Green Economy. ) Focusing on the use of raw materials and production processes that are environmentally friendly.

The employee uniforms are made from plastic bottles. under the project “Clear Bottles for a Beautiful World” where Wacoal buys plastic bottles from communities nearby the company. In addition to creating awareness of waste management can also generate income for the community as well

Then passed it to the manufacturer to recycle and produce fibers. 1 shirt uses fiber from 12 plastic bottles. In the first phase, 5,600 shirts are produced from more than 67,200 plastic bottles, which is equal to 1.5 reduction in community waste. Tons of recycled fiber from bottles are certified by the Global Recycle System and are specially designed to reduce the use of valuable resources. Both have the following properties: 1. Fibers are 100 times smaller than hair (microfiber), delicate, soft, comfortable to wear, easy to dry, no ironing required, helping to save energy. 2. The fabric uses a Double Knit weaving method. The inside is a net. well ventilated The shirt is not too tight even when wet. Stop bacteria, no smell (Anti-Bacteria) 3. Dye yarn with Drydye technique, a technology that reduces water consumption by up to 90% and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

It's not the first time that Wacoal is serious about saving the environment. Because throughout the duration of the business Wacoal is committed to taking care of the environment under the Wacoal Eco System, from the production process to the disposal of used products that do not affect the environment. Through various projects such as Wacoal Braday, old bras, we ask for donations of all brands of worn-out underwear of all genders and ages.

To be properly disposed of and transformed into fuel energy. The Wacoal Go Green project grows seedlings into forests. Increase green areas to help absorb greenhouse gases and the Clear Bottle for a Beautiful World project. Campaign to reduce community waste By having people in the community and employees sort plastic bottles (PET) until they are turned into fibers for the production of Wacoal Love Earth uniforms, every project supports the policy of sustainability in the environment. for the benefit of people around the world It also creates awareness of employees in the organization because "the environment" is the foundation of human life and breath, "Mr. Boondee concluded.

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