Gift ideas for expectant mothers


Mother's Day this year for anyone looking for a gift for a pregnant mother. But still no ideas, Wacoal recommends 5 Items that pregnant mothers must use. Ready to share good techniques for choosing. Mothers will definitely like it.

💗 Maternity Mommi Bra 💗
Seamless pattern, soft fabric, good elasticity, not uncomfortable, can be worn from the beginning of pregnancy to after giving birth. Modern design, comfortable to wear

Maternity bra

How does Mommi Bra respond to mothers' questions?

  • Convenient SNAP LOCK for convenient breastfeeding No need to change many bras.
  • Comfortable for every touch
  • The fabric is soft, good elasticity, not uncomfortable with a special seamless weaving fabric (Super Seamless).

techniques for choosing

You should choose the right size. and has several rows of hooks to adjust the size around the body Focusing on a bra without a frame to be comfortable to wear. Or choose to be an open bra for breastfeeding, the better. to breastfeed after childbirth Because pregnant women breasts will expand in every trimester. Your breasts and nipples are more sensitive than usual. If you choose a conventional bra, the bra frame may press against it. make it uncomfortable

💗 Maternity Panty 💗
Suitable for pregnant mothers especially. Starting to wear from mild pregnancy to postpartum, which has 2 types to choose from: full-length maternity underwear and pants in the form of long legs

Maternity underwear

Maternity pants, long legs

why pregnant underwear therefore necessary for mothers

  • Help lift the belly for mothers to move easily.
  • Helps to support the weight of an enlarged womb
  • Help reduce friction while walking.

techniques for choosing

Should choose underwear for pregnant women especially to support the womb and must choose soft fabrics Flexible as well due to pregnancy There are changes in the mother's body, for example, the womb enlarges and weighs a lot. hormonal change Shape changes, causing discomfort, sweating easily and have vaginal discharge

💗 Maternity Support Belt 💗
Suitable for the extended pregnancy period and weigh more which is the cause of the mother's back pain and balance

maternity support

maternity support How do you help your mother?

  • Helps to support the weight of the womb and does not put pressure on the abdomen
  • Helps mothers move more flexibly
  • Helps relieve stomach upset
  • Help relieve back pain.

techniques for choosing

Should choose a maternity support pad that can adjust the size according to the enlarged body Because the womb is enlarged and weighs a lot

💗Maternity Hook
Additional items for expectant mothers who have a rapid expansion of the torso. can be enlarged as needed Supports enlarged breasts

bra hook

This Mother's Day, if you still can't figure out what to buy for your pregnant mom. Try to choose from the suggested ideas. Guaranteed to be a practical gift. Meet the needs of modern mothers

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