undershirt Is it really comfortable?


If you ask the people of Freedom, what type of tank top suits you? Most of the responses said it was "comfortable, breathable, and well-tightened."

But if your favorite tank top is tight, do it like this : "stretched, slack, not tight, uncomfortable, uncomfortable when wearing, tightened until the chest hurts, itchy after wearing, not breathable. change new pattern Until I'm not sure if it's old or moldy , you're going to continue or replace it.

Just changing is "comfortable"

tom tank top

undershirt Is it really comfortable? Recommended to try first And you will forget the same old tank top, your favorite, because Wacoal's chest tank top

1. Tighten, smooth, confident with 2 layers of fabric.
2. The inside is lined with Spacer to help tighten, smooth and ventilate.
3. Easy to wear with hidden side zipper.
4. Fit all sizes from S to 3XL
You can also Mix & Match to wear as an inner shirt over with a white shirt. Give another cool look

breastfeeding tank top

In addition to the tank top There are also half pants that are comfortable to wear.

Why are half panties comfortable?

1. Hide the wing of a sanitary napkin Comfortable to wear all day
2. The edge of the sanitary napkin does not touch the groin area.
3. Corrugated pattern fabric well ventilated
4. Delicate fabric, soft, good elasticity, good spring, easy to wash and dry quickly.

Tom's pants

Comfort is not enough Gotta save the world too.
Because tank tops and underwear are made from Eco Friendly materials, saving the world and not destroying the environment.

"Just try to change again. get both comfort and save the world"

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