Collections Detail Wacoal NFT

Collections Detail Wacoal NFT


Wacoal NFT in the concept "My Turn – Turn on the Confidence" this collection. It is considered a special collection designed to have up to 5 characters that are like representing women in each look. By adding a special Wacoal unique bra onto the NFT and blending it with modern fashion in different ways according to each look. to increase the confidence of everyone Representing many styles of modern women in this era, our NFT collection runs on Bitkub Chain, the largest blockchain network in Thailand. There are millions of users. Our My Turn NFT has a total supply of 10,000 NFTs. All of these NFTs are released in cycles.

The 5 characters of Wacoal NFT will consist of

  1. NFT sweet girl character “Sweet”
  2. NFT playful sexy girl character “Sexy”
  3. NFT, confident girl character “Confident”
  4. NFT, Eco girl character who loves nature “Eco”
  5. NFT, a sporty girl character, let's go "Sport"

1. NFT Character “Sexy” :

Let's see the first look. It's an NFT, a sexy character that can be said to be very charming. because she spells all eyes with her sexy body Seductive physique and has a charming face Anyone who sees it will definitely stop looking. The highlight of this look is being a sexy girl with confidence. He has a very high self-esteem, dares to think, dares to act, dares to express himself, and likes to socialize as well. Of course, I like to talk to people like this. therefore becoming a person with a large group of friends Overflowing with eloquence and charm that is very nice to look at, I can say that this look has made many young men melt away.

2. NFT Character “Sweet” :

This look is sure to please the sweet and juicy type. because in this look We designed this character to be filled with cute, bright, cheerful, cherished, persuasive, gentle, and confident demeanor in the style of a sweet girl. and also have a compassionate mind with those around you The girl with this look said that she was ready to make everyone happy. and always full of smiles The word cute is full Ensure that anyone who is close to this girl will definitely feel the warmth

3. NFT character “Confident” :

Let's take a look at NFT, confident women. This character is the best as well. Chi will have a unique concept. Has an outstanding dressing style, extremely smart, this look girl is a smart worker, eloquent and smart. As for his charm, he was dazzling, not allergic to anyone. Because with this self-confidence, Chi has the confidence to dress and also have the confidence to do something she has always dreamed of. This look can be defined as a woman who likes a challenge and is highly ambitious. Her outstanding traits are I don't like anything that comes easily, anything new and challenging. Let me tell you that it's all arranged. No Say No. With this energy, this girl has a charming look that attracts the attention of the opposite sex quite a lot.

4. NFT Character "Eco" :

Save the world, love the environment. This look will have a very outstanding character as well. He will be a chill lifestyle type. Likes to dress simply, comfortable, confident, adventurous and travels to different lands. like a traveler Fight wherever you go He's also fun, straightforward, unpretentious, and open, independent, and doesn't like to be subject to rules. No one can stop him. Because he likes to go out and try new experiences that are not monotonous, which is an important charm to attract many men who like the same style.

5. NFT Character "Sport" :

Let's take a look at the sports line. This she has a very high passion and passion for exercising. love health Have a perfect shape, look healthy. take good care of yourself There are obvious strengths that are highly disciplined and extremely determined. She also likes to meet people. She is good-natured, playful, friendly, making her attractive. and is the target of many people as well


Entering our world of blockchain technology this time It is a very important step that we want to remove the old memories. of the word technology that is coupled with the male gender and shows Women too can change and lead the way in technology. digital industry including new trends that can happen on this technology in the future It can be seen that in this era Women are increasingly involved and influential in technology. Of course, we must not stop and stand up to adapt to modern women. ready to step out of the original frame and explore the world of new technology That's full of challenges. This change in the lingerie industry led us to the idea of ​​creating Wacoal's NFT collection under the name “My Turn – Turn on the Confidence”.

What makes Wacoal NFT different from others?

Wacoal's NFT collection is unique. Because we have highlighted the strengths of various styles of underwear by presenting on a female character with a unique character. completely different It is also integrated into the design of fashion clothes. Various Symbolic jewelry to give a modern look to the modern woman who is full of confidence. And, of course, for Wacoal NFT holders, there will be many privileges that we have carefully selected to suit every woman, every style, every style. Please prepare yourself. It's our woman's turn to take the lead! and let's screen

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