Match 4 easy looks with eco-friendly bras


"Global warming because we don't love the real world"
I think everyone feels that the weather is getting hotter every day ☀️💥 because our world is really getting hotter! Can't be hot anymore

Therefore, we would like to invite everyone to help reduce global warming in their own way. start with us Let's start doing little things for our planet 🌎😉

Like fashion, you can save the world. Just like the products in the concept Wacoal's "Wacoal Love Earth" that you are a sustainable product.
♻️ Made from recycled materials!
♻️ Non-Toxic Manufacturing Process Environmentally friendly!

👙 Not just a good concept But the design is very cute too. When I saw this model, it was a crush on the double line. When wearing, this is very comfortable, no frame, compact and can be worn in many ways, both as a bra and as a sports bra. or can be worn as a crop top

save the world

Wacoal is produced in an eco-friendly way. Therefore, we would like to share some ideas for how to dress in an eco-friendly way with the “3R” principle in our own style, which is
🌎 Reduce, reduce the purchase of clothes
🌎 Reuse focuses on re-inserting
🌎 Recycle Use products made from recycled materials.
Let's see that in the concept "OOTD Wacoal Love Earth" 🌎 we take 1 bra to mix & match to decorate up to 4 looks!
match with white shorts white coat Luke went to a chill cafe.
save the world
Match with jeans skirt and crop top.
save the world

Wear it as a single crop top. Make up bright pastel.

save the world

Match it with a cropped blazer, long legs, Smart casual look.

save the world

Any friends who are interested in cute bras and save the world, don't forget to order.

Everyone can help reduce global warming. Let's help save the world For our children to have a better world together.

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