สหกรุ๊ปแฟร์ ปีนี้จัดใหญ่ สินค้าไฮไลต์เพียบ ฮือฮา "วาโก้" เปิดตัวครั้งแรก "กางเกงในลูกไม้ชาย"

The Saha Group Fair this year is a big event, lots of highlighted products, hilarious "Wacoal" debuts for the first time "men's underwear"


The Saha Group Fair this year is a big event, lots of highlighted products, hilarious "Wacoal" debuts for the first time "Men's Lace Underpants" returns to converge again for the "Saha Group Fair", which in 2023 is the 27th time the event has been held. Both products from more than 100 companies that parade to more than 1,000 booths.

Thammarat Chokwatana President and Executive Chairman of I.C.C. International Public Company Limited, as the chairman of the Saha Group Fair, said that this year is another year where the cost of living for Thai people is much higher. Sahapat organized the 27th Saha Group Fair at BITEC, Bangna, from 29 June to 2 July under the theme "Shopper's Battle" to reduce the burden on the public and the B2B group

By bringing products from more than 100 companies of all brands in the Saha Group to come to more than 1,000 booths held at Hall 98-100 on an area of ​​more than 20,900 square meters, which has increased from every year. Inside the hall 100 is an exhibition area for innovative products, while Halls 98-99 will have famous brand products at special prices such as Mama Farmhouse, Wacoal, Quilaroche, Lacoste, BSC, Vale. Care , Pao , Sue Sat , Systema , Shokubutsu , Kodomo and many others. There is also an exhibition of innovations, new products and businesses at the company. Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Public Company Limited or SPI has invested and partners in more than 20 companies, including energy, hospitals, education, logistics, services and products from Japan.

“We aim for all 4 days of the event. There will be many 100,000 participants and earn about 100-200 million baht. The target customers are the general public," said Mr. Thammarat.

side Wet Chokwatana President of Saha Pathanapibul Public Company Limited added that The specialty of this year's event will be Thai and foreign influencers such as China, Malaysia, Vietnam coming live to sell products. Viewers can order immediately. This will help expand the customer base to more new groups. And this year is also the golden year of the pet business. Because the behavior of the new generation loves animals like family members. Therefore, it is the first time that it is organized as Pet-Friendly, allowing pets to attend the event. by bringing pets in the cart You will also find new products. Also launched in this event, such as new flavors of Mama, etc.

for highlighting in the event There are products that meet health care needs such as mattresses, shoes, and another highlight is the new collection of “Wacoal”.
which was exhibited and debuted for the first time at the Saha Group Fair

That's the collection "WACOAL FREEDOM, freedom...without definition", limited edition UNDERWEAR, men's underwear that exudes Wacoal identity for everyone. Both boxers and bikinis are available. Including the special edition Lace Boxer, red and black lace boxer briefs. Comfortable, lightweight, breathable fabric

by selling for the first time At the 27th Saha Group Fair only on June 29-30, 2023 in Hall 100, the price of each model is 590-790 baht.

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