3 สิ่งที่ต้องทำ ถ้าไม่อยากหุ่นพัง หลังคลอด!!

3 things to do If you don't want to have a bad shape after giving birth!!


Wacoal Maternity Shares Tips You Must Do If you don't want to be in shape after giving birth Let's go and see!!

1. Exercise often. for the body to burn calories

But must choose light exercise first so as not to affect the caesarean section wound which may be doing simple exercises or doing yoga

2. Choose to eat foods that are beneficial to the body.

It will increase the efficiency of the metabolic system and various systems in the body as well. If the body has a more balanced metabolism, it can easily get rid of fat.

3. Choose to wear underwear that supports the postpartum mother's body.

will help facilitate More comfort for mothers with the Snap Look innovation that can be conveniently opened and closed for breastfeeding and the TWO WAY Free cut innovation that helps to support the pump cone firmly so it doesn't fall out of the breast. Able to pump milk without holding the funnel

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