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Exercises to tone your upper arms without any equipment.


Exercise posture, tighten upper arms, no equipment

I want to wear sleeveless tops, show my arms, but I'm not confident at all. Because the big upper arms are not firm, not firm, lift the arms at the stomach, the arms hang. Let's see how to manage the upper arms to tighten. Get rid of the fat under your arms with these 5 simple moves that don't require any equipment.

Shoulder taps start with a plank. feet slightly apart Then lift your right hand to touch your left shoulder and place it back, then lift your left hand to touch your right shoulder. Try to keep your hips high all the time and do 20 reps on each side.

Push up or pushups, that's the easiest. It's a good shoulder and upper arm exercise. If anyone is still unable to do it well, you can put your knees on the floor. Do it 20 times.

Tricep dips Sit with your legs extended and your back against the box. Or use a low chair. Place both hands on top of the box, fully extend your arms to lift yourself up and down. While landing, try not to let your hips touch the floor. Try to keep your heels on the floor as you go up and down. Do 20 reps.

Swimming, this pose is just like its name. But don't have to go to the swimming pool. Raise your arms and legs slightly off the floor. Next, raise your left arm with your right leg. Do it alternately with the other side. raise right arm with left leg Keep doing this until you reach 20 reps.

Dog down push ups Start with a push-up position. Your torso is parallel to the floor but your hips do not lift. Throw your weight on your toes and push your hips up until your legs are tight, your back straight, then return to the starting position. Do 20 reps.

Once you have done all 5 poses, repeat them for 3 sets, ladies. Now, your beautiful, slender upper arms are within your reach.

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