ควร หรือ ไม่ ? กับการใส่ชุดชั้นในนอน

Should or not? with wearing underwear to sleep

Many girls probably have doubts about this as well, right?
I can answer that it should.
Yes, because it protects and takes care of the breasts Don't let it flow while turning over.
Should wear a bra when sleeping because turning over without a bra, there will be a tendency for the chest to move according to the turning force. It causes the shape of the breasts to be reduced in size and unattractive.
highly recommended
  • Have the person with breasts wear comfortable underwear to sleep. For people with small breasts, it's most comfortable to not wear.
It should be for complete relaxation.
Be sure to choose underwear that are suitable for sleeping. If you choose to wear a bra with a sleeping frame will cause it to compress the chest affect blood circulation cause a feeling of tension And it affects the quality of sleep too.
highly recommended
  • Should not choose to wear a bra with a frame. Or it's too tight.
our chest and body is like the brain who want to relax and comfort
Choose the right underwear for sleeping. And it's breathable like Wacoal Beauty Night. How is it?

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