5 tips for packing one bag for a summer beach trip


It's all summer! Where should I go when it's this hot? It's probably inevitable to go to the beach with a gang of female friends. But how should I pack my bag? Props must be prepared. There are clothes, swimsuits, and even more supplies. Anyone who still doesn't know how to pack their bags, come this way. Wacoal shares tricks for packing one bag for a summer beach trip that saves space. What tricks are there to keep lists together?

1. Choose the right travel bag.

You should use a suitcase that is suitable for that trip. If it's a sea trip Recommended as a backpack or other cloth bag. To make it convenient to travel If you are going on a diving trip, it is recommended to carry a waterproof bag to carry essential items.

Summer beach trip

2. Prepare only necessary items.

Beach fashion often comes with cool props. To match the beach atmosphere, many ladies prepared full props. To take photos and upload them on social media to get lots of likes. But I forget that on a trip like this, the less the better. It is recommended to prepare necessary items or props such as hats and glasses, and you'll get stylish photos.

Summer beach trip

3. Rolled clothes are better than folded.

Rolling clothes instead of folding them saves space and prevents wrinkles. Most importantly, you should choose clothes that can be mixed and matched in many styles and are suitable for the weather. In hot weather like this, we recommend clothing that is well ventilated.

Summer beach trip

4. Organize things into categories and place them in small bags.

Separating things into categories makes them easier to pick up and use. And the bag is more organized by dividing shampoo, soap, and various liquids. Put in a small bottle Including jewelry, nourishing cream, various charging cables.

Summer beach trip

5. Separate your underwear in a dedicated bag.

For organized storage and ease of use. Underwear should be stored separately in a dedicated bag. Fill in the empty space with panties. to save space And it helps prevent the bra from losing its shape. If you go diving in the sea It is recommended to carry underwear with you in case of changing. Most importantly, you should choose a bra that can be folded and easily carried. Save space in your bag.

Summer beach trip

Any ladies who have plans to go to the beach this summer? Don't forget to use these tricks to help you travel comfortably. You don't have to worry about preparing yourself, packing your bags, and going to the beach. It also helps to checklist the things that girls need.

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