Mix and Match ผ้าคลุมไหล่

deal! Ideas for matching a beautiful look with multi-purpose fabrics

Just one shawl can be matched with beautiful outfits in a simple way. There are many styles!! Today, Wacoal has an idea for Mix and Match Wacoal It has a style like no other. It's like getting new clothes to wear. Without having to buy it and waste it.

change shawl It's a waist belt.

Mix and Match Shawls

Just take the shawl and fold it into a triangle. Then roll it in until there is a little bit of fabric left at the end. and tied it around the ear of the trouser belt or jeans skirt Add details to your clothes to have a unique style.

change shawl It's a halter top.

Mix and Match Shawls

Another chic look that girls shouldn't miss is wearing a shawl. Let's make it into a neck shirt. It will be used as a piece of cloth to tie around the neck. Or tie necklaces and ribbons with cloth and hang them around your neck to be beautiful and stylish in a unique way. It's like getting a new shirt to wear on a fun trip and making awesome content.

change shawl It's an Audrey-style turban.

Mix and Match Shawls

It's another cool idea that you can use a shawl to make a turban or cover your head in a vintage style. that helps increase cuteness Unique to the way you dress. Or you can pick up some chic glasses to help complete the look and make it look like there's more to it. It's easy to make a turban like this. Just fold the cloth into a triangular shape. Then cover the entire head. Around the front frame And tie the cloth under your chin and you're done.

change shawl Make it strapless

Mix and Match Shawls

Add elegance to the multi-purpose fabric to make it a chic halter top. The triangular shape is suitable for a variety of body shapes because it helps to make the figure look slimmer. Open back detail for a lightly sexy look. Wear it with white pants or skirt. You will get a sweet and sour look that you can wear to take photos at the sea or a cafe and get lots of likes.

How are you with the idea of ​​matching a beautiful look with a Wacoal Or the mountains are guaranteed to give you a new and unique look for sure. You must have it this minute.

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