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How to...take care of your favorite bra Let's stay with us. Nan. Nan.


Tips to take care of your favorite bra ❤️ Extend the use period With the right way to clean a bra, it's easy.
To make beautiful underwear ✨ can be worn, endured, lasted for a long time, definitely worth the use?

5 step machine wash

1. Attach the bra hooks properly.
2. Separate white underwear. out of white clothes and should not be washed with heavy clothes
3. Put underwear in a laundry bag.
4. Use a gentle washing mode. use normal temperature water Use a gentle detergent Do not tumble dry
5. Lightly squeeze the water out, arrange it in a shape, dry it in an area where the wind passes and has a light sun.

5 Step Hand wash

1.Separate colored underwear from white clothes to prevent color fading.
2. Use underwear detergent or gentle soap mixed with normal temperature water.
3. Soak for 10-15 minutes and rub gently with your hands.
4. Rinse the water until the liquid is completely removed and squeeze the water gently.
5. Put your underwear in place. Dry in an area where the wind passes. and sunny

Choose a quality bra and you need to know how to maintain it properly. ✅

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